How are people still defending this game, it's insane

i get that you wanna enjoy a game. you wanna like the gameplay. you can do that while not being this defender with no standards on what’s acceptable, what’s a practice that actually respects you, that’s worth putting money into… god

at the end of the day, it doesn’t make a difference, and im not saying i’ve never bought microtransactions, but why go to the effort of defending it and saying it’s not that bad? that’s what annoys me most of all. it’s disgusting how far overwatch has fallen since it came out


No i simply dont hold skins as the entirety of the experience like alot of ppl seem to

I truly dont care tbh


Some people don’t understand that it’s possible to love something and still criticise it. They feel like criticism is an attack on the thing they love, and them for caring about it while others don’t.


I cant defend it anymore. I bought the dumb pack but I don’t think I’ll even be playing past the first week.


You want to get a refund? Heard watchpoint pack refunds were still going recently, might be worth looking into. I’m sure they’ll be turned down after OW2 actually launches.

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It’s pointless. I bought it with money that was on my Bnet account, and I wouldn’t use that money for something else if I got it back because I don’t play any other blizzard games.

My sister actually explained it to me quite well. I was just as lost, at first.

Okay, so basically a lot of parents are, well, not really fit for the job, correct? Oftentimes they will assert their authority because it is the easy way to raise a child. If you grow up in that environment, where you never question why something is happening, it just is… You grow to be extremely complacent. The big corporation knows what they are doing, us, their peers, we have no idea what we are talking about.

It is kind of sad if you think of it from that perspective.


Fair enough, but unless you’re a Soldier/Cassidy fan I’d suggest getting a refund anyways. It’s 30 dollars worth of content for 40 dollars if those two skins mean nothing to you.

The game is FREE, my dude. IT’S FREE. YOU DON’T HAVE TO BUY THE MICROTRANSACTIONS. You can play the game as much as you want FOR FREE.

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O dnt care about skins, but it feels terrible to have heroes locked behind a grindwall/paywall


I actually liked the skins, but thats besides the point. I’d rather not argue with the support staff about getting the money back that I can’t really even use for anything else anyway.

Heroes in battle pass.


reminds me of kenshin vs sojiro

It’s crazy to me that you people would’ve been perfectly willing to pay $60 up front for the game, but you’re not willing to pay $10 six times over the course of the next three years for battle passes. Where’s the logic there?


it’s crazy to me that blizzard hired you as their shill and not me :smiling_face_with_tear:


It’s F2P. I don’t give a damn if a skin is 1000 USD each. Actually, as far as I’m concerned that’s better than random, gambling like-lootboxes on a 40USD game, which is Overwatch 1. With a proper MTX store you just pick what you want and buy them, there’s no random factor.

Now, the heroes being locked thing… That made me raise both eyebrows and some concern, but if the heroes and balance are done properly… Maybe it’s fine. It’s not something I would have done, that’s for sure.

Because of the grind for content even if we buy it.

An STD is free too. Doesn’t mean it’s something you want.


according to gamestop the bp grind is a long one too.

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Lost in the nuance and missing context. That is where the logic went.

that’s not true. some of us are permavirgins my guy.