How about "Legacy Credits"

Hi, I’m just the old player from OW1 and want to know what happen for the “Legacy Credits” cause it’s still in my account but in the OW2 it’s not show in the game?

So we can use it in the shop or not?

Yes for items that you can buy with legacy credits.

For the moment if it is not displayed there is a lot of post-launch bugs that are happening. It should be resolved in the next few days.

Meanwhile you should go look here:

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Thank you so much.

BTW I think they should offer to use this credit along with the new virtual currency

I definitely hope they will change some stuff, because I am not buying anything outside of the battlepass for sure.


Yes, the price is insane for me. (about 20$ for each legendary skin)

I used them to buy at least 1 launch legendary skin for each new hero, 1 highlight intro for each hero and 1 emote for each hero. Was wise to save them cos they have the same value as new Overwatch coins BUT cannot be used for all the same purposes.

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