How about 2/2/2 instead?

Overwatch 2 is basically the same as Overwatch…they will be cross playable for competitive and other PvP game modes. I however will say that they left the game stranded a bit since there are no new heroes to refresh the game

No they didn’t say that. Don’t put words into their mouths. Jeff said they literally just tried it as a “challenge” and an “alternative” to help reduce damage queue times.

Have they literally said this, just because a change that might is happen is going to happen, does not mean it is literally a good decision… so NO, i dont need to literally live with it

I’m 100% for that. the arcade would be a good testing ground.

you cant make people want to tank, its a game they will do what they find fun

222 didint work because queues are unacceptable and people never wanted to tank or heal

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If they’re just going to pander to the largest amount of players then just make it 6v6 dps, most of the DPS-mains play the game like that anyway. At least low gold to mid diamond. (Speaking from my experience on the EU-server, playing all three roles.)

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lol… sure they could. But where were you last years? People didn’t wanted to switch. They kept playing DPS. You had most of the time people screaming to others to switch to second tank or to even one tank.

Most games were with 1 tank and WITHOUT anybody switching to a second one. So Tanks beared that for over two years just because someday someone could go second tank and now knowing there will never ever be a second one they quit?

beside of that, the game will be ofcourse rebalanced for 132, which will ofcourse include the main tanks if needed to keep their role working.

The argument of not wanting to solo tank is nonsense as it is based on a game balanced around 2 tanks.

No you were and are just making negative Posts… nothing ever changes.

I disagree, as there are many many ways to make tanks more fun, more engaging, and ultimately selected more often.

The question becomes one of whether or not Blizzard will do the necessary work to make this happen

Pre 2 2 2 was better. I’ve hated 2 2 2 always


Where are you getting that?

Because I was under the impression Jeff said stuff along the lines of

Of course he said more, listing out multiple of both pro’s and con’s.

But never once did he say that they simply did not like it at all just because “it changed gameplay.” One of the pro’s he listed was literally the shift in gameplay is more back to “old-school Overwatch”, which I was under the imression everyone around here wanted.

Well it wasn’t for a majority of people. Especially tanks and healers that had to put up with stubborn DPS players that would not help them stay alive as well as always flame them for apparently “not healing”.

Even the devs recognized that these sort of comps were unhealthy and stressful for healers especially

And now healers are the most cancerous players i play with consistently. The majority of the player base wants to play dps and just chooses other roles to either get a shorter queue time or so they can play as dps and not be blamed for not doing their job.

I know of no valid data to support the claim of a majority

??? What?

How can a support that is blatantly doing DPS only “not be blamed” for not doing their job?

That makes no sense at all

Yeah you do. If you were around in the pre-222 days, it would be self evident that most support players (and some rank players) were almost always the ones flamed for not healing a multi DPS comp solo.

Because no one ever blames healers or tanks for some reason it’s like playing the role that no one else wants makes them a saint for some reason. I’ve had several matches where I watch my healers ignore the team as they die so they can do damage, and if I say something other players will defend the healer because they don’t get that there’s more to the game then just killing the enemy team. Almost all low elo Moira players think her ult is just a dps ult. Then there’s Bap’s who use their ult specifically for themselves.

Prior to 222 I(tank) didn’t know the game could be better. It was what it was and I rolled with it. Never in my wildest dreams did I think Blizz would do 222. The thought never even entered my mind, honest.

Post 222 I’ve seen the light. I’ve played more legit overwatch in 4 months than I got to play in 3.5 years pre 222.

Moving to 132, most likely outcome is I move to DPS. I can guarantee that especially if they move off tank hero’s to dps role. If all else fails and the game quality does take a step back, yeah, I’d probably leave. For me personally the game would have jumped the shark and will likely never regain its glory days again. Playing at that point is just plain bitter sweet and not enjoyable.

I understand it’s all subjective. But just wanted to raise my hand as a tank that’s willing leave if the matches turn into frag fests.

Valid point. But the problem is you are a minority. The majoraty are people wanting to dps. This is a game. If you cannot satisfy the majority you shut down.

I enjoy playing all three roles but due to queue times almost never play DPS in competitive and never play QP, unless it’s QPC. That’s broken… regardless of the reason, it’s broken. You can complain all you want about DPS mains, but the fact is it’s reality. And the change to 2-2-2 didn’t properly account for this reality and it broke the game for the majority of players.

I’m assuming Blizzard is wanting to make a change because they’re seeing the real data on the backend and it’s suggesting a loss of players, extremely unbalanced play (of which I’m sure DPS tanks and supports are contributing to), and fewer in-game hours being played overall due to queue times (a lot of players are sitting around not playing matches while in queue, instead of actually playing).