Houston Outlaws vs. San Francisco Shock - FINAL

May Melee • Week 1


Houston Outlaws
San Francisco Shock
LP: 1 (1-0 +1)
LP: 1 (1-0 +2)

Final Score/Extra Maps


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hiiii besties hows it going

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The goofy green screen jokes are more amusing than the commentary. Need more green screen stuff.

Very excited for this match, danteh finally has a decent team hopefully they can pop off

Hello, everyone!

Here’s my prediction: Outlaws are likely exhausted after finally, FINALLY, winning the Battle for Texas. The Shock are now fully awake after a slow start last match. I think the Outlaws take a map to make things interesting, but the Shock are going to take this one by a 3-1 verdict.

Edit: Also, the fact Soe is taking “spam calls” regarding the Vancouver Titans, the Atlanta Reign scrimbux, and the cult of OGE is…unfortunate.

im predicting the shock goes 3-2 for this one

I go for a Shock 3-1 victory and a huge Super forehead.

Nerf Doom!

dear god…houston stomped them. i might be regretting my 3-2 shock pick now

Clip: Baby D.Va stagger rating 7 out of 10

Who wants to bet that Symm will get nerfed before McCree?

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for owl, almost every dps is viable with some more general heroes like cree/ashe/hanzo/echo getting more playtime than niche ones like junk or df.

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Shock looks asleep at the wheel, and it took a VERY lucky snipe from Nero to keep the score 1-0 in favor of the Outlaws.


Lijiang Tower (Control): Houston Outlaws 2, San Francisco Shock 0

Blizzard World (Hybrid): Houston Outlaws 3, San Francisco Shock 3

MATCH SCORE: Houston Outlaws 1, San Francisco Shock 0

NEXT UP: HALFTIME, followed by the second half of Outlaws vs. Shock.

Junkrat support confirmed.

jake is a support player now??? actually i guess he did play brig in goats didnt he

Dang man. Not looking too good for Shock.

Indeed. I knew Houston was going to be hot this season (which is why I had them picked over Dallas on Friday), but damn… they are HOT!


That was a bit one sided wasn’t it, did not expect that.

Which is exactly why “niche” shouldn’t be a thing.

Also I don’t think I have ever seen Torb played in OWL.

I had Shock 3-1 on the pick em. Welp.