Hot take: balancing the game is not easy

We always see people complain about balancing like it should be easy to balance the game with 20-30 some heroes.

there are so many friggen variables with that many heroes that it makes even the smallest buff or nerf evoke the butterfly effect.

take it easy on the devs, i doubt you could balance 20-30 heroes yourself, and if you can, apply for a job at blizzard


lol even Blizzard employees don’t wanna work at Blizzard.


the pay must be decent for them to put up with that abuse,

Dude its a dream job for millions around the world.

I’m pretty sure the clout comes with the territory.

Also the frustration. They should always be looking towards perfect balance. Which is impossible to get realisyically, but players are not dumb. We can see when effort is put into the philosophy of balance and how it can affect the game.

There is no such thing as perfect balance, but there is such a thing as putting in the effort to achieve that. And only that effort being clearly and obviously shown and not lied upon or hidden, is what will reduce all the clout.

Not excuses, not overlooking it all, and not come loyalty emotional person’s claims.

This is more than just balance. Its the company’s commitment to their players, fans, and their very company structure that they have to show their effort and work.

It’s so much more than reality here its about the reality of what our relationships are and how the service is provided which measures the quality of their work and thusly the product as a whole.

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It’s not exactly a hot take, but it isn’t exactly volunteer work they are doing either.


It may not be easy but the devs didn’t make it any easier by designing a game with heroes who only work in certain situations on purpose.

There are also obvious signs of incompetence with random changes that make no sense to anyone who has actually played the game.


There is a very thin line between such effect and direct sabotage.

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Its not easy to balance but its even harder when you remove factors and therefore diversity.

One would think that watching the stupidity that were Mythic items in LoL it would be taken as an example of what not to do. But nope, its apparently common for devs now to think that less things to consider = easier when in reality more things cause that the community finds ways to balance the game by themselves.

It is if you hire competent developers


League of legends has well over 100 heroes and manages to maintain very fair balance

no one is saying balancing ow is easy, but jesus christ the devs have no idea what theyre doing
and no, I wont be taking it easy on the devs? this has been a long time coming and if we keep settling for mediocrity the quality of games is only gonna fall further

and I genuinely do think I could balance the game better than any of the devs
but whats the point in applying for a job when blizzard is essentially a revolving door of employees rn anyway? NOBODY wants to work there, awful conditions, underpaid, etc

one thing that also rlly bothers me, is if you look at what little objective stats we have, most of the winrates of all heroes is relatively similar, so why on earth are they making these huge sweeping balance changes if theyre going off of winrates? (which is what they used to do iirc) like, it needs minor tweaks and QoL, not seasonal metas dude


I agree it does not seem like worlds easiest job.

The largest issue they seem to be having is with talent retention. They have had lot of staff turnover due to the mismanagement of the game/teams by people who have no place sticking their noses into game development.

This has created an environment where the right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing. And they’re all trying to do their best with the resulting spaghetti code.

i can do it. will they let me do it? no ofc not.
so they need to do it >:(
This “well if you think you can do it better why won’t you try” argument is stupid because I WANT TO and I KNOW I CAN DO IT BETTER!!!..but blizzard has set themself some standards that I cannot meet so wopsie what can we do :thinking:

exactly they are getting paid for this.


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I can go into one of the first google links for is LoL balanced and the honest answer is that a good deal of people will find balance crap and others not.

Everyone has different metrics of balance and pain points depending upon what they play. The only reality we have is that on ladder we can see people 1tricking heroes to top 500. Every single hero can make it to top 500 in ladder.

Does overwatch make 1tricking an easy fantasy? Hell no. It encourages counterplay too much. One might say that’s a bad balance while another will say its good balance.

The thing is that ‘balance’ is such an easy word to spew out when no one says anything about the metrics behind it.

For myself, I’m happy with the state of Overwatch because if I’m good enough, I can 1trick any hero and do well (Dafran is living proof of that). Is there any single over powered hero right now dominating top ranks? No. Another metric I’m fine with.

Does the game give me tools at any level of my suckage to win games? Yes. Not all on one hero, but with the full roster in any slot I feel I have options. Even if I’m bad at using those options.

Is hog in a bad state? Yes. Which hopefully will be addressed soon next month.

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Dream jobs arent always what you think they’ll be. Bliz is run by money now rather than making good games. That attitude flows all the way down the command structure.

I get the feeling even iterating on balance and design is held back by keeping things cost efficient. Unfortunately, being brave with balance changes is expensive and also requires people to admit they were wrong.

Oh no! These poor devs sitting on their nice cushy mounds of money from the BPs are struggling to nerf Orisa who’s been broken since OW2. I should send them some more money, so they feel better :pleading_face:


…the devs dont get the money. You know that right?

They made it not easy by creating the negative domino effect that has been 5v5. Everything was centered around 6v6, and then they tried to cram a puzzle piece that is not meant to go together.


Next you’ll tell me that Chu had a hard time writing lore for OW1.

Balancing OW seems easy enough. You just wait for a streamer to say “power creep my main and nerf my counters”, and you say yessir.


Shhh. Only smart people understand this. These people complaining can’t even spell let alone balance a game.

First-hand experience is not a pre-requisite for criticism. 0/5 topic