Horribly inflated latency, 90 MS to 140+ MS for the last few weeks

I play Overwatch on an Xbox One and I live in Anchorage, Alaska. It seems there are some serious latency problems recently for Overwatch players who live in, I’ll say, certain outlier regions like here, Canada, and from a brief look at the forum, players in Puerto Rico are experiencing an identical issue.

I’ve tried to ask a lot of people about their OW problems in the ranked matches I’ve had the patience to play last week. Apparently after the last waves of updates Xbox Overwatch has been crumbling- people claiming they are getting more D/Cs to start screen than ever, serious audio issues on a few payload maps, extreme bugginess after switching heroes mid-round, and just general glitchy gaming and busted-ness.

It was hard to gauge if anyone has had my kind of ping problem for a bit because apparently the game is broken for everyone on Xbox One right now and the moaning never stopped after I asked “has anyone been having problems with the game working the last few weeks?” … But eventually, yes, fellow players in Alaska and some in Canada described my exact problem, inflated ping for weeks.

I certainly hope there’s some wider internet problem here being worked on and not just something as simple as Blizzard cheaping out on server infrastructure for console players. Playing Overwatch in July 2018, at 90ms on an Xbox with a broken controller and a scuffed screen was suffering enough. I don’t know how much longer I can queue up for this. The game is unplayable to me right now.

Which steps have you tried from this post?