Horizon has been reworked on the PTR - footage of rework

Great advice!

Vegetation always makes something more comforting and nice to look it. And I mean, it was called “Hydroponics Lab” … I was shocked when I didn’t see any plants.


The map was fine as it was. Much better than drawskya and drawnubis. I do like the extra plants though.

and to think they had primates there (humans included). I mean as you said they are comforting. Lack of vegetation just feels alienating especially when you’re in outerspace. can you imagine the psychological backlash that would cause tsk tsk


I’m liking the accesses to the top for defenders. And that they flattened out the middle bio room.

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That’s probably why the textures look a bit weird. They’re probably not finished.

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Will this lead to new info about Hammond and the monkeys? I kinda hope so xD

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Better late than never.

BTW love Rialto. The fact that you can ride the Gondolas is a great touch.


This looks interesting.

cant seems to find horizon in custom game settings? did you guys turn it off to fix it?

Remember it well, because it won’t happen for another 6 months or so.

Oh blizzard you goofed again!

HOW did hey manage to make HLC WORSE?!?! All they needed to do was improve point A and they didn’t even manage that

Overwatch = now playable

I don’t see how you got made it worse from that video.

It’s a significant improvement and makes defending B actually require something more than taking two steps into spawn to full heal.

B was never the problem. The problem was how boring A was, and now they’ve made it even worse. They didn’t even integrate the low-grav in at all, that’s the only remotely interesting part of the map.

It’s now worse than Chateau for crying out loud.

You hit a home run with Rialto and Horizon looks much better now. I am very happy. :slight_smile:


I just want you to know I love it, you guys are doing great.

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This looks so much better. I’m excited! The changes to Point B are awesome and well deserved, moving the defender spawn back was exactly what this map needed and the additional cover on Point A should make defending it way more reasonable.

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A has rarely been a problem for me. And when it was it was since going underneath took little to no risk while trying to stop them did. B on the other hand has been bad for me. The catwalk was terrible and i like that they added that extra part to the widow area