Hopefully 222 role queue uses individual hero SR

I hope it will be more a hero queue thing then a role queue.
Since for having a working role queue you first need to make players make to switch to main a tank or a healer instead of staying main dps.
And that would be really challenging. And would take some time.

Yes like that. A flex player would select all of them.
But with a restriction:
You can only select heroes in a certain range (like 1000 SR)
So for example you first pick hanzo, on which you have a hero SR of 2400
Then you try to select widow where you have a hero SR of 1250. You will get the message this hero is to low level
So you select mccree who is 1998 SR.
After that you select lucio who 3001 SR and get the message he is to high(to high to select together with mccree)
This way you build up your hero pool.
(With this a troller/tilted person etc can not select a hero he is bad at (or think he is good enough with, but isnt) So a junkrat main of a hero SR of 4390 can not switch to a widow he has only a hero SR of 2200 with and destroys the game for the rest)

Then the matchmaker groups you with 5 other players who have only heroes within your min-max range. (without like 2 players who can only play hero X) And it tries to have at least to have a balanced team with a main, off tank/healer and 2 different dps. But only for like 1 minute. If not he just will group you with 5 other players.
But the opponent will always have the same hero pool.

So if the other team has a very good widow (or rein or other hero that can only be countered with mirroring it) . You will always have at least one player that can too play that hero on the same level.
If the enemy has a reaper and you got no counters. It will mean you also have a reaper and the enemy has no counter heroes.

Jeff said that if they do role queue, they will use individual SR.

I would like that idea

I really like this idea. One set of placements for every character and separate hero SR for every character.


player first selects role

underneath role, they are allowed to select any number of heroes as long as they are within 300-400 MMR of each other.

This guarantees that people are playing stuff at around the skill level of the game they are in. However, in exchange it would mean that there would be one-tricks on champions that they are trying to boost the MMR of to get into the range of their other characters.

But I don’t think this is a huge problem as there are plenty of one-tricks now anyway. In exchange, we would have the best matchmaking overwatch has ever seen.

that said, I don’t know if blizzard would ever implement it like this because they seem to want the game to be about counters. I don’t really mind dealing with pharmercy as winston + reaper + sym or lucio + junkrat + reaper, but most of the player base would find an occasional match like that unbearable. So I think it is more likely they would aim for a role based system than one with hero based SR

How incredibly tedious. Also this would force a person to play only one hero the entire match, and that’s just bad when there are such blatant hard counters in the game.

And Jeff has specifically said they don’t like the idea of doing that.


yeah this sounds pretty good

I have a different idea that’s very minimalistic towards the matchmaker

We start with individual hero SR and you just can’t pick a hero if their SR is too low.

It can’t be 500sr below the group average. And that’s it.

Your solution and mine could cause major problems though.

“Hey Mei, can you switch to Soldier to deal with the Pharrah?”

“Um…my Soldier isn’t high enough SR”

This sounds like a nightmare.

More players will come back than will leave if role q comes in so I’m all for it.

This account I’m on is Bronze level since I first started playing OW and when I try doing callouts or giving tips I get shutdown. “Hey Sombra don’t go and ult on point alone, we literally were returning from spawn and it was completely wasted” and I hear someone nagging “IT’S BRONZE! IT’S BRONZE! IT’S BRONZE!” until I shut up. Or I’ll say “Hey Moria, focus heal orb til I’m back (as I’m respawning from a death)” and I’ve gotten told “Omg, shut up, I have gold healing, I don’t need your advice” while I’m playing Ana to assist with sleeps and my nano on DPS/Rein.

Most people Gold and below don’t want to work as a team, they treat it like QP with a bonus at getting points for a gold weapon.

working on a team, and listening to you, is not necessarily the same thing

I fixed it for you…

This is a fun game :slight_smile:

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Lol, seriously tho i quit this game awhile ago because people dont know how to make a decent team comp. A 222 would bring me back and im sure im not the only one.

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It would drive me away and I’m sure I’m not the only one. One of the things that made this game great was the ability to think outside the box and really strategize with your team compositions. Forcing a 2/2/2 is a fallacious pipedream. I was on board with the idea until I really started thinking about it.

This will only increase the toxicity in the game. Instead of having people switch to DPS to try and carry, they’re just going to hard throw on tank/healer. You’re going to see more roadhogs who just run out there, more battle mercies, etc. Your idea of what forcing 2-2-2 vs reality is going to leave you really disappointed.

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Honestly i got disappointed everytime i got on expecting a decent game. And im in gold on console so none of those things are any sort of new to me.

no one cares how bad you hate it, just tell us why

all of this individual hero sr and role queue talk is making my head hurt…

If they did individual hero sr and you got “locked” into specific heroes for the SR you’re currently playing at, there is no room at all for counter picks or counter play… that would be more frustrating that anything i think. “Oh hey their pharah and mercy are killing our entire team, but none of us play widow at our current sr rank so we can’t attempt to shoot her out of the sky! At least we have doomfist and symmetra though! gg!”

I guess to me this seems to over complicate the comp scene and will probably end up killing competitive play if it does come out this way.

Yeah it would only work if the matchmaker only match groups against each other who have access to the same heroes. So if 1 team has a pharah and mercy the other 1 would have them too.

Counter picking at the moment work a lot of time against them. Since i am a pharah main i have seen many times, that someone switches to a hit scan. But they are really bad on them, and they are easy kills for me… They not countering me, and that team plays now with only 5 persons since the hit scan person became useless.
So switching to a hero that below your skill level is in most cases bad too.

I can see you not understanding tanking at the least, because you think a DPS head would prefer a squishy fat fragile D.Va to a ludicrously high damage potential hero like Zara, who truly is the DPS in tank disguise. D.Va shines in peeling and murdering or saving back lines as well in eating ults and burst shots, but she is just garbage in DPS compared to even Hammond, that at least has more range, more consistent damage and even more mobility.

Wait why i hate this game?