Hog/Reaper's spread angle was not reduced


Thsese are the PTR patch notes for the recent Hog/Reaper spread changes:

Blizzard goes out of their way to specify the spread randomization, not the spread angle. So what this means is that Hog/Reaper’s spread is now more consistent and closer to a fixed spread pattern, but covers the same wide area.

This should make Hog’s hook combos more consistent, and Reaper’s damage less reliant on RNG. But it doesn’t increase their effective range or let Hog 1-shot people he couldn’t before.

Edit: just realized this should probably be in PTR feedback.

Previously, when heroes got their spread reduced the patch notes looked like this:


Ya, that indeed could be confusing… but the big “randomization” there did it for me.


Well the Hog pattern adjustment could be the difference, like if more pellets are striking closer to the middle.


I won’t be killed by Reapers that completely missed the shot but RNG decided to send all pellets to the side I was, so that’s a good thing already.


Roadhog’s average spread angle was reduced, to shift some (but not all) of the pellets into a narrower spread. To do maximum damage with a shot, you’ll still have to hit the entire spread of the same size, but at ranges where only part of the spread hits, you’ll deal more damage when aiming accurately.

Reaper’s is unchanged in terms of spread; it’s just less variable.


yeah i bet this change won’t affect reaper much actually considering how insane his spread is to begin with. Why not plain and simply reduce his spread by 10 or 20% instead of this? i don’t play PTR but i’m really curious to see how reaper does with this “less randomization”…


Horribly .