Hmm…I’m stumped…


First I’d like to say I’m enjoying most of my overwatch2 experience, it’s a great game and most games I’m playing with cool people!

The major issue I’m running into is super strange errors where my client will close for usually two different reasons, either because it’s telling me to close other applications or just a system file error.

I’ve tried scanning and repairing game files a number of times and closed / increased my fan ramp speeds under load, so I know it’s not a thermal error or file/files being corrupted.

I’m not trying to be conspiratorial in anyway, but these errors conveniently happen usually when my team starts to make a comeback and play well after being beat down for a round or two…

If someone would like to reach out and monitor these errors for analytics, I’m very open to letting whoever take direct or more intricate data.



This isn’t a service Blizzard offers to players. You can collect system data as noted in the sticky threads and share it here for the community to assist you, or you can open a ticket to speak with the staff (also requires collecting the same data).

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Hey Nicole, Thanks for your advice and input, have a good day!

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