Hitscan power creep


i think it’s a bit overkill. With the recent general hit scan buffs AND Ashe being at her current state VERY OP, with BOB just causing way too much trouble to handle in a match that requires little to no effort.

I’m just curious Geoff Goodman, why another hitscan hero? To get rid of the GOATS meta? Will there be other hero changes to help balance this out?


Everything else powercrept them first. This is totally fine.


Good thing McCree and Soldier are oh so prevalent and everyone complains about how overpowered they ar-… oh.

It’s a new hero. It has growing pains. Eventually they’ll clip her wings and make her the trash every cowboy aspires to be.


Confirmed oracle right here, folks.

I’m not even joking.


Buff to Hitscan? Are they talking about Reaper and Roadie?


I don’t think Ashe is OP in anyway. In fact she feels very balanced. Her gameplay is very smooth and Widow is still the best sniper in the game.



That’s not recent. That’s five months ago.


Lul, they were all under-powered (aside from Sombra/Widow at the top) just before the Ashe update and McCree and Bastion’s buffs are not even here yet and you are already crying “power creep.” Ironic.


oopps referencing a more recent one:


…the time it takes S76 to reach max spread with his rifle?