Highlights from "While You Wait"

Hi, I’m loving the new While You Wait feature, I’m always in Deathmatch when queuing now. I play a lot of widow in these DM games and its always a shame when I hit a really nice shot that i cant get a highlight of it.

The system you have right now only saves highlights at the end of the game, either because that’s when all that type of code gets loaded or because its trying to make people want to stay to the end of the game. Great for normal DM but i never play that now as I can reliably get 5-10 minutes of DM in queue for competative. This means I cant save any highlights from those games as they never end!

It would be really nice if we could still get these highlights, I’d even be happy with having to wait for 10 seconds in the DM game for them to load. Hitting 2 consecutive head-shots on an ulting genji then a tracer is too good to loose out on!