High Latency every game

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Have you talked to the ISP about it?

I have the same problem which started a couple of days ago. Earlier I would get connected to the Singapore server with around 55-70 ping, now I get connected to the Sydney server with 300 ping which makes the game unplayable. The issue started after the update for the next patch got downloaded. Is there a way to fix this issue?

I will send a complaint to them but Whenever I do latency tests for everygame I have I get my average ping of around 100-60 and Iget placed in the right servers. I’m not sure its on my Isp’s end.

Same issue for me honestly i think its their server s ngl

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What is your ISP? And what servers do you get redirected to?

My isp is nwic and server americas

But so many people have this latency issue and they are telling everyone its their isp

I think it’s important to remember that people only post in this forum when they are experiencing an issue. If it was something widespread, the forum would be absolutely flooded with new posts about it, and the staff would likely be handling long queues of tickets – which would lead to them chiming in here with information. Since neither of these things is happening, it seems to be isolated to the original poster’s ISP in this particular case.

Your situation may be different, but troubleshooting is usually only provided to the OP unless staff asks for data collection in a thread. This saves from confusion and unnecessary alerts to the OP for another player’s issues. If you are also experiencing problems, please start a new thread with your network test so someone can look it over. Thank you.

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I did and yall said it was my isp…

I agree with the assessment you received. Your ISP is showing response times of over 300ms, so of course you’re experiencing lag. If you don’t want to accept the info shown in the test you provided, that is definitely your choice. But please, only add replies to Tech Support threads if they will help the original poster with their specific issue.

so basically its another f*ck you from blizzard and we need to change our ISP to fix the issue. Nothing wrong with you in speciffic but blizzard has been doing this for years now.

Yup even tho no other games lag just Ow and its always the same response even if they put patches out because they were having latency issues its STILL the isp

Last night, after three days of having similar issues I rolled back Windows to a previous build. It appears to be a quick remedy.

This does seem to be a widespread issue recently with Latency issues. Heres alist of all the forums with these problems.

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Heya SirNuts,

I ran a report on the ISP network, and all users appear to be ranging from 150-210. I compared this to the single user report which is showing a very similar number which suggests the connection speed is considered “Normal” for the ISP.

I expanded the search out for all users in the country, and found that other ISP are averaging between 90-115 latency. This suggests that the ISP may be using different routing tables or peer networks to connect their users to online services.

The only real way to “fix” this would be to contact the ISP directly to see if they have any plans to optimize the routing or similar.

As an aside, I noticed the original report was for 400ms. Was this the round trip number or latency? If latency, would it be possible to re-run the winMTR during an event where the 400+ happens? I did not see any similar values on my report and the winMTR is not displaying information beyond the 150ms area.

the 300-400ms I got it on the training room, as that was connecting me to THE NETHERLANDS.
Honestly I’m done with this. I opened a ticket and you guys insist that it’s my ISP, when the issue started happening right after the summer patch. It might be a routing issue around the tesla connection but every other game i play is just fine and some go through those or nearby nodes.
Like I said in my ticket I’m taking an indefinite break from OW, NBD. You can close this thread.

And no, 150 ms is not “normal” for my ISP. I used to play on 70-90 ms. 100 at worst.

Just to nip this BS in the bud, I don’t take that many screenshots or videos of my gameplay but thankfully found one when I got promoted to plat some time ago. You can see my ping is 69ms there.
https:// imgur. com /TsxTNXR

its def. there servers because for years ow was running smoothly and when i play a different online game my ping never spikes or me getting high latency I’ve seen fran and I think seagull have the lag spikes/high latency too

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all my friends are having this issue too so its the servers and not the isps



You’re already in the main thread for your region. As kaldraydis mentioned, you aren’t the only person on your ISP having this problem. You’ll want to keep contributing to that thread.

For those of you who aren’t in the Dominican Republic, you’ll want to head to your own thread. If you are, just head on over to the one I linked here.