High latency and packet loss since reaper event update

Not sure what to do about this, kinda making some games unplayable.

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same. my friend is also experiencing the same thing.

Yep, join the club it seems

Hey there,

So the vast majority of players are able to do so without issue though we are seeing a few location specific connection issues that could be contributing to latency in game. Pakistan players are seeing issues across multiple services and SEA players are also seeing issues across services (Due to an undersea cable issue)

Those are specific issues beyond our ability to address so for anyone playing out of those two regions of the world, it will likely be up to the ISP or in the case of the SEA region issues, the company that manages the undersea cables for the region.

For issues outside of those two areas, we would need to see connection data in order to look into this further.

This blue post has instructions for gathering WinMTR data. Follow those steps and reply to this post pasting the results and that will help the community troubleshoot this with you.

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