High fps but very choppy gameplay


have steady 75 fps but the gameplay is very choppy not smooth at all help pls


same problem here, steady high frame rate but the game is not smooth at all. Not playable :upside_down_face:


if its horrible maybe turn on vsync. I know vsync is bad but its better than choppy gameplay.


Update: Fixed. Issue was caused by Corsair iCUE (ver. 3.19). Uninstalled it and reinstalled 3.18, problem solved.


Heya Austoin,

Would it be possible to post a screenshot of the in-game netgraph (CTRL+SHIFT+N) at all? We want to check for what’s called a “SIM spike” which is a measure of how long it takes for the computer to process each tick of the game.

In some cases it can be caused by background applications that are conflicting with the game. Other cases may involve network issues which thankfully the netgraph should help check for as well.

Example link: