"Hide and rez wasn't a thing"

The amount of times people told me to hide and rez with mercy is astounding. It was a thing for me maybe not for you but for it was to real for me.

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I hated mercy 1.0, much prefer here the way she is.

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Hmm… Does that include “Hide and Team Wipe” as well? :thinking:

Also… I would argue that tempo rezzes were in fact a lot more effective than hiding and rezzing, you held a bit more mid fight potential, and less time not being engaged in the fight. And let’s be honest as well here on that topic. Mercy still needs to hide to rez, and a lot of other heroes still need to hide in order to ult.

The “hide and res” argument should have never been a point of reference when giving her the the rework in the first place, but that’s just me. :blush:

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Die early on Anubis/Hanamura on defence, Respawn, team dies, fly in for mass rez.

That happened a lot.

Fair enough. I freakin hate 20 characters

It really isn’t.

Numerical value is not everything. Besides, hiding sets your team up for failure.

Here’s the opposite of a TL;DR:


Thing is tho, rezzing 1 teammate was sometimes the right call, proper usage of Ult Rez was situational and required actual thinking. Hide and Rez against any team with half a brain usually just resulted in another team wipe. For the vast majority of the time, it was the worst thing to do and the effectiveness of tempo rez’s was greatly highlighted and exaggerated with the initial release of Mercy 2.X.

Additionally, people aren’t really saying that “hide and mass rez wasn’t a thing.” This kind of play-style was usually forced on the Mercy player by their teammates under the illusion that it actually worked when in the vast majority of cases, it didn’t.


You know what would fix mercy?

A rework…

Say goodbye to rez as it doesn’t fit as a ult as it’s too unfun to play against and it’s not fitting as a ability as it’s still unfun to play against but it’s also unfun to play with.

Valkyrie was a mistake even though I love it but a ultimate that kinda just improves existing gameplay is obscelete and boring. It’s meant to be a playmaker not a mmmmm this is cool I remove all my weaknesses but I can’t really out heal or outdamage anyone sooo.

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Even mercy couldn’t rez the entire team 100% of the time, if you wanted to pull of team rez then it requires your entire team to die at the same time or else they respawn after the timer goes off.

Usually mercy could rez 3 people max but in the most part it was tempo rez

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you’re forgetting 1 thing, mercy could fly out of grav back when she had mass rez.

That’s not hiding to res, that’s throwing


I DID play comp and I never saw it happen. Ever. I wonder if the people doing it were on different servers.


There are several types of people:

A. Mass ressurect will never come back it was unfun

B. Resurrect is a mechanic that doesn’t belong in Overwatch it should be removed entirely

C. Mercy mains are -insert insult and or generalization about entire player base-

D. All of the above

If by “the best thing” you mean “purposely throwing games to force 5-man Rez multiple times per match to artificially inflate my SR to boost me to GM+”, then yes, it was the “best” thing. ._.

You have no idea how to play Mercy, dude.


I like how uninformed you are…

A Mercy who’d hide before the teamfight even started would basically force a 5v6 fight, which is lost most of the time. Yes, hide and rez was a viable tactic to bait out enemy ultimates, but only in lower ranks where ult economy doesn’t exist.

Because then Mercy becomes a must pick and instantly rules the support roster again. No other support can bring someone back, it will instantly make her so much better than every other support.

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I prefer “Hide 'n die” myself:


Taking cover while using Rez in the middle of a fight is not the same as hiding and not participating in a fight so your team 5v6 so you can swoop in after to Rez them.

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Every time I see that posted, I think of this thread

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Now thats just false, sometimes its better to rez that single genji with dragonblade, sometimes its better to rez those 2 people in a Good position rather than waiting for the other 3 to die and have it possibly be in a horrible position leading to a rewipe, with rez the highest number isn’t the most valuable unlike kills which garuntee a result which is the enemy is now at a disadvantage, rez is just a “you’re back to square one but yours may still be at a disadvantage due to bad positioning or enemy ultimates being charged from your allies deaths or other factors”

It depends is it overtime and using grav will stop that x insert hero from getting on point? Will isolating an important member of the enemy team be worth it enough, what if I make sure they lose access to their healer for a few seconds so we can finish them off? Depending on the situation, yes.

Does said teammate have ult, is this ult valuable, does this teammate need to survive, does the enemy team have any ults that can be used to capitalize on the loss of trans depending on the situation, yes.

See trans and above arguments for reasons, yes.

It’s stopping a snowball before it begins that can be very useful especially if they say picked my zenyatta with trans or my Reinhardt with earthshatter can completely change the course of a fight and sometimes single rezzing was the best use of ult

Also as to the premise of the thread its not hide and rez didnt exist its that only bad mercys used hide and rez