"Hide and Rez" double standard


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DPS mains are such cultists.

See, it’s fine because I’m insulting DPS mains.


You can explain over and over one thousand times, but it doesn’t make it valid.

I´m about to call Groover from Sesame Street to clarify it to you but I will try myself maybe with sock puppets…this is hide and kill…and requires the same skill as the Mercy hide’n Ress before the stupid Blizzard buff of invulnerability, which started everything (along with Seabird rants).

Despite the fact in that era of the overwatch history I was a Mercy main, only a few times I did a x5 Ress, for several reasons, mailny it was better to ress x2 in a moment of the fight where you are 4vs5, or 3vs3 or something that give you more advantage than hide and wait for a complete anihilation of every member of your team in the same spot in the same time…
No good Mercy did this sh¡t, but the SR exploit butthurted to much…


You get ult charge from it???

Not a good comparison…

The word, “tank” covers a lot of things unlike, “DPS” which is a pretty self explanatory acronym.

Like I said, that doesn’t excuse the fact that he abandoned his role as a DPS to hide, thinking he’d get more value of his ultimate from doing so when in reality, hiding is detrimental to the team’s chances of survival.

No? It’s an attempt to get more numerical value out of the ultimate. If that was the case, it had no grounds to be removed because ult stacking is bad.

I also encourage you to read this… Specifically, the previous developments section.


Mercy mains are cultists.

See, it’s fine because I’m insulting Mercy mains.



There is only one thing she was right about,and that is that rez should only be earned and not be on a CD.That a Mercy who was better at surviving would charge their Ult or chargable Rez is what separated bad Mercy’s from good Mercy’s.Right now when you kill a Mercy she will just come back with her CD already down.


You’ve missed the point. Some mercy mains are quick to condemn those who call them “cultists” (Which, I don’t support, incidentally), but then it’s fine when DPS mains are the root of all evil.


Glad we can agree on something. :fist_right:t2:


This literally can be applied vice versa.


:fist_left:t2: got you pal



Daily reminder that Reaper ult Death Blossom has no counter play and makes Reaper the most overpowered hero in the history of overwatch because his ult forces him to hide and wait the best opportunity to used it without getting stunned-hacked-pinned-blocked-DM’d-Booped etc.

In fact Death blossom have been the most OP ult int he entire game and many streamers and pro players have been complaining about it non stop for the past two years, if Reaper press Q while jumping 1vs6 (in most cases) he always get a team wipe no matter what.


What the heck does "UNLISTED"by a moderator mean?


If you feed multiple supports for a single ult then yes. Its trash damage. It gives them more ways to counter your ult. Supports generally (with the exception of lucio) get their ults much faster then dps do.

So doing trash damage HURTS you more then it helps.

Only if you hate valid points.

DPS is not the official title of any hero in this game and never has been.

Show me where it says DPS anywhere in Overwatch. It does not. This is short hand. Currently they are referred to as damage hero’s.

Many hero’s in the damage category do not have high DPS. They do damage but have higher rewards for applying the damage when it MATTERS instead of throwing it around carelessly.

He has not abandoned his role. He is waiting for his tanks to initiate. Which is what ANY damage character would do. The only difference is the enemy does not know where he is. He will engage the enemy DURING the fight. Not after.

More numerical value out of the ultimate. You are correct. The numeric value being largely the number of ults your team has compared to the enemy. Its not a matter of your entire team having ults all at once. Its a matter of having MORE then the enemies to win the fight with.


I think it means that it’s not locked, but it won’t pop up on the home page.


Why exactly did the moderator unlist it XD? what the heck.It wasn’t getting toxic.


You can try to insult my intelligence as much as you want but it’s you that need more reading comprehension skill.

It’s not a matter of abalnce it’s a matter of design choice and drawbacks. Mercy isn’t supposed to do so. Which means the old mass ress wasn’t staying anyway. I’d be welcoming a new mass ress that leaves Mercy vulnerable and able to fail it if she just pops it up in front of 5 ppl.