"Hide and Rez" double standard


This literally contradicts the argument used by Jeff then…


No, a DPS’s role is to output damage… Damage Per Second hero… Ensuring that your damage has value is an afterthought.

Damage Per Second hero.

By the means of hiding beforehand meaning he has disregarded his role previously to ensure kills when it is more likely to flop if you hide to use an ultimate.

Which is what “Hide n Res” did. Feed ult charge…


Aria Rose,no offense,but she is no end of all.And let’s not forget that Mercy’s would hide,let their teammates die and pull-off a four man rez.I know that.I did it aswell :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Why spend time healing everyone individually if I can just let them die and have them all come back at full hp.




Just once I wish she could make a video without blaming the boogey man known as “the Dps”.

These pesky Dps are the root of all that is evil and behind everybody bad change we don’t like!

Dps players even once kicked my dog

And stole my gf

And set my house on fire

Dps are bad!


I encourage you to read this: :slight_smile:


Sorry, but you are entirely wrong. If you do damage without getting value from it then you are doing nothing but feeding. You do damage that accomplish’s nothing for your team but gives the enemy supports (and any hero with self heal for that matter) ult charge from healing through it.

And? Tanks are called tanks not just because they can mitigate and soak damage but because they are designed to make space for their team. A title does not encompass the entirety of a role but simplifies communication about said role.

It’s like a job title. I could be the communications manager at a large company. That does not tell you all the tasks I do. Just gives you a rough idea. In order to understand the role you have to know the job DESCRIPTION. Not the title.

and engaging WITH his team instead of waiting till the engagement is over. HUGE difference there.

No, The purpose of hide n res was to force the enemy team to EXPEND ults while holding on to your own. Once rez’d you then unload on them with yours. Turning the entire concept of an ult economy on its head.


OP is new. Look the amount of posts he has. He probably didn’t know that it was previously posted here. :man_shrugging:t2:


Before the change where she could no longer Rez in spawn (very good change), I died right before my entire team was wiped on the last point Gibraltar defence. I spawned with 5 dead people above my head and the enemy team almost capped so I jumped off the railing to 5-man rez in spawn. Immediately the enemy team wipes them a second time with another ult before I could even get to the stairs out. Not a single one of my team mates lived and there was nothing I or they could have done. Everyone went from full to 0.

5-mans were super punishable because the team is stuck bunched together and can’t do anything for 1-2s. Letting your team die meant that you could just waste your ult and double your team’s respawn.


I remember clearly standing in anubis spawn getting 4 or 5 man razzed while untouchable.


Not just let them die-- would instruct them to die

Comparing DPS ults to mass rez is ridiculous

DPS should be focusing on doing damage but to say not being in the action is the same as Mercy hiding and waiting for their teammates to die is a slap in the face to flankers


The only argument you really need is that all of the ults mentioned in the video are pro active or reactive (support ults like zen and lucio’s). Rez was the only ult in the game that was able to reset an already lost team fight. It was the only ult you can get value out of when a team fight is lost and everyone sans mercy was dead. No support, nay, no ult in this game had that potential, sans mercy’s. It also promoted bad ult management by requiring AT LEAST 2 ults to shut down, when in most cases it required 3 ults. 2 for innitial wipe and then 1 to do the same thing over again. That’s called bad design and most people are glad it’s gone. :blush:


At this point I am taking a shot anytime someone post one of these videos.

So that I don’t have to go to class.


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DPS mains are such cultists.

See, it’s fine because I’m insulting DPS mains.


You can explain over and over one thousand times, but it doesn’t make it valid.

I´m about to call Groover from Sesame Street to clarify it to you but I will try myself maybe with sock puppets…this is hide and kill…and requires the same skill as the Mercy hide’n Ress before the stupid Blizzard buff of invulnerability, which started everything (along with Seabird rants).

Despite the fact in that era of the overwatch history I was a Mercy main, only a few times I did a x5 Ress, for several reasons, mailny it was better to ress x2 in a moment of the fight where you are 4vs5, or 3vs3 or something that give you more advantage than hide and wait for a complete anihilation of every member of your team in the same spot in the same time…
No good Mercy did this sh¡t, but the SR exploit butthurted to much…


You get ult charge from it???

Not a good comparison…

The word, “tank” covers a lot of things unlike, “DPS” which is a pretty self explanatory acronym.

Like I said, that doesn’t excuse the fact that he abandoned his role as a DPS to hide, thinking he’d get more value of his ultimate from doing so when in reality, hiding is detrimental to the team’s chances of survival.

No? It’s an attempt to get more numerical value out of the ultimate. If that was the case, it had no grounds to be removed because ult stacking is bad.

I also encourage you to read this… Specifically, the previous developments section.


Mercy mains are cultists.

See, it’s fine because I’m insulting Mercy mains.



There is only one thing she was right about,and that is that rez should only be earned and not be on a CD.That a Mercy who was better at surviving would charge their Ult or chargable Rez is what separated bad Mercy’s from good Mercy’s.Right now when you kill a Mercy she will just come back with her CD already down.