Hi, welcome to the symmetra fan club

This club is open to anyone who loves our favorite hard light architect: symmetra. Doesn’t matter how you want her to be. If you like her your welcomed here. Ever felt or have been bullied while playing sym? Well now you’ve got a group who’ll be their for you. Wanna share cool moments, memes, etc about sym. Well here you go. Welcome to the sym fan club (again)

Also sorta did this because I saw a trend in x hero fan clubs. And I’m like “why not?”


Hey Hey how y’all doin’ ?

(I couldn’t find a laser)


Can junkrat come in?

He want to talk about shield generators to someone who gets him…sorta

I think that it is illegal to get potg as Sym. I literally got a quintuple kill by tping into the enemies back line and some double kill got play lmao

We welcome anyone that wants to talk about sym and the… shield gen. Also junkrat sure knows how to make things crazy.

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Hello. When tf are the going to add the new icon to the forums?

They already have a sym fan club:


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