Hi, so i have a problem


umm, i don’t know if it’s just me because i’m dumb or something else, but the issue is i have i5 processor with 8 gig ram, and gtx 1050ti running other game smoothly, but i always encounter severe fps drops (like seriously 2 fps) every 5 to 10 sec in overwatch, even with lowest graphics and 50% render scale.

any help pls?


Are you using an SSD or HDD? Also, this tips might help: GUIDE: Maximizing System Performance for Overwatch (PC)


Thanks for your reply, I’ll try that.
I’m using 7200 RPM HDD, I don’t have this problem before, should I go and get SSD instead?


i face the same problem with ssd so dont bother with ssd


so it’s the game then, I hope the fix this soon.


Another reason why this symptom appear as is often due to connection issues.


yeah but no, i have no problem with my connection.


SSD is absolutely faster than a spinning disk drive. I’m not sure what issue the other commenter is having, but I can definitely say it is a huge quality of life improvement for gaming.

As for your connection, even if it’s working fine for other things, like perfect, there can still be an issue.