Hey Teammates! Ashe, not Widow

Could you please? Ashe actually holds her own as a teammate. Widow is a poor contributor AND keeps the much better Ashe off the team.

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Widow is better if you’re planning on going long range


Marginally. And worse in literally every other way.

Comes down to skill level, Ashe can’t OHKO someone unless Damage boosted. Widow, if the player is good enough, is the Queen of long range

Not playing Ashe until this comes to main servers. It’s so annoying when scoping in making it feel like I’m getting 30 fps when I’m getting 200


Well, at my skill level Widow is pretty bad and Ashe should take the gold elim/damage almost every time.

Well that’s a different story then, but people play what they want to play, and that’s fair as well

True, french lady can take a hike, but a cowgirl is always welcomed.

Widow is much better at ariel denial / getting key picks from a safe distance. Ashe has damage falloff, cant oneshot unless she has a Mercy pocket, but has an (arguably) more fun kit.

Ashe isnt a better pick overall, they’re both good at different jobs as Ashe is mid range and widow is long range. If both have good aim its up to the DPS player whose kit they’re better at.

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Sure. But if there is any doubt about your aim whatsoever, get on Ashe. Immediately.

I mean to be fair if theyre missing on Widow, they probably wont fair much better on ashe and rely more on dynamite to kill

Ashe is a bit more forgiving because she gets more shots, is harder to dive, and has a better getaway mechanism.

Plus, at least then they’d have the dynamite. As opposed to… nothing…

Fair enough haha