Hey Overwatch please fix this ridiculously "feature"

TL;DR: I get banned by standing on payload alone while enemy team doesnt care about it

I was on payload from a escort competitive match
The whole enemy team INSTEAD OF pushing payload, they push to our team’s spawn point and leave the payload not move at all
It is ABOUT 30sec TO END THE ROUND and I supposed to get a win, then I was banned for 1 hour due to inactivity ???
By standing on payload and not have to do anything
The enemy team was so far away (from my spawn point) and nothing that I can do but count down from 10 to be banned
Isn’t STANDING NEAR PAYLOAD is supposed to be some kind of activity itself?
This is so ridiculous to get banned.

You literally get a giant red notification in the middle of your screen before you get kicked for inactivity so you could just run around the payload and shoot everywhere and what about “rejoin” button?

Run around do nothing to the red notification, and after 2 times shoot anywhere (i.e the payload) the 3rd time shooting will also do nothing, and there is absolutely no rejoin button if you’re kicked due to inactivity

That is kinda weird ngl, pushing payload should count as “active”