Hey healers, if you are going to play


Count your blessings you actually have healers

These posts calling out supports/support mains

I’d love for them to start posting threads about carrying and other roles shortcomings I’d be so content

Every suicide charging Rein or feeding McCree lmao


Funny thing is i know how to play a support i am a support main learning Zarya now at high silver, so yes i know that a support should be healing like 85% of the time, DPSing only to mop up low health enemies (unless moira but still you should be using heal orbs more then damage)


lucios and healers run off on their own now because they are officially flanking dps characters now… dont you know ?


Ya and the many more nasty things i call them (mic off)


It’s going to be just an optional mode, right?


This sounds like it’s coming from someone who never plays support. There’s a typical expectation that kind of person has for supports: they’ll always be available to heal me no matter where i am and what is happening; if my hp is dropping, someone better be healing it already. But those expectations are unrealistic, and you only realize that when you play support.

Fun fact: A lot of the time they’re struggling to get line of sight on a critically injured teammate, and by the time they finally do, the teammate dies. Not only that but now you’ve technically wasted time getting to them, and could have been healing someone else, and now They’re injured; and while you’re healing them, someone else dies. That happens ALL THE TIME, and there’s very little you can do about it.

You have to accept the fact that a healer can’t be healing everyone all the time. There are gaps. There are situational changes, there is line of sight, there is point of view (you don’t have 2 eyes at the back of your head) there is incoming danger forcing you to run one direction over another and ditching one or more teammates in the process, there’s all kinds of situations. And yes, sometimes you have to judge that it’s better to dps at a particular moment in time instead of healing. A lucio booping off 2 people is a lot more advantageous than healing his teammates who are going to take longer to kill those 2 ppl (and possibly die in the meantime). A mercy pulling out her pistol to finish off a turret or anything really can be a lot more advantageous than not doing that, if the situation calls for it and you pull it off in the interest of time.

You people make it seem like there are supports out there who literally only dps. They have 0 healing done, and they always ignore their teammates so they could just dps. Really? I have seen exactly 0 people like that.


I just said the only time a healer should DPS is to kill low health enemies, and if you dont believe i am a support main check my profile look at past seasons, mainly supports


well i don’t fully agree with you about that. i think there can be a lot of situations that call for you to do damage rather than healing. Look at zen and his entire playstyle. Look at Ana and her bionade, and the kill potential that creates. Look at moira’s ability to counter genji like nobody else can. Look at lucio boops. And those are all just the obvious examples. The other 99% of them are less cut and dry and require a bit of judgement of “is it worth it? hmm” and those are sometimes a gamble, but they shouldn’t be ruled out completely just because it looked like the support wasn’t doing their job for a few seconds. HOW DARE THEY?!?!?!!111

I think the moral of this story is that dps/tank players should have the situational awareness to see if they have a healer nearby so they could fight in that position; and if not then take cover, use health packs and stall as much time as they can before their healers (or other teammates) can actually help. Blaming one team role or another won’t help you improve. And btw all this can be sorted with a quick voice chat message…


As other people have said, and I’m going to now. The people reading the forums are likely not your target audience. The people you’re complaining about are people who don’t visit the forums because they do not care about the overall state of OW. They hop in a couple of games, see the “No Healer” tag, pick a healer, likely have no experience, and then just go and try to do something and make it work.

This isn’t gonna reach your target audience at all.


You say that, but based on some of the posts I have read here… Maybe. Nobody wants to take personal responsibility for their own shortcomings and healers are not immune from that. I have seen some VERY questionable posts. That being said, not like they will listen. They have literally no idea they are the problem.


I just suspect the kind of player the OP is complaining about (picking healer but then not healing) probably isn’t the kind of person to come to the forums to learn more or looking to improve. If they do come here, I suspect it’s likely they just come to complain about a bad game.

I’m not saying supports can’t be bad or don’t screw up.


And half your team running off where you can’t heal them, I’m looking at you Genji.


Hey dps, if you’re going to spam “I need healing” from up in the freaking rafters when I’m the only healer as Lucio, at least have the decency to buy me dinner first before you demand I abandon the team and parkour all the way up to you, and only you, to give you heals, instead of you coming down to get some heals with the rest of us behind the shield. Especially when you’re taking damage every millisecond since you don’t know how peeking works and refuse to use the big-A shield being held up for your convenience. Mmkay? Mkay.

Things go both ways. Bad players are everywhere. Selfish players are everywhere. Unaware players are everywhere. Just like their decent counterparts. It’s just how things go. Venting might help you feel better but your post isn’t going to suddenly make selfish players be selfless or unaware players be more aware. :woman_shrugging:


Sometimes when your dps aren’t doing their job, you need to take matters into your own hands. Never send a man to do a women’s job


If you don’t like the way someone heals, you are more than welcome to choose a healer.


Good Lucio’s should be leaving the team and getting boops. While also peeling for their other healer. Critique your own play before you blame anyone else. Even if it is their fault that you lost focusing on blaming them won’t help you.


Healer supports have the biggest influence in a game so it is important that they do so. I can understand OPs frustration. Other than a support getting MVP there is no way of learning how much a support player did during the game.


Today I had a game where a Sombra just kept dancing in front of my Hanzo for like ten seconds shooting him while he didn’t manage to hit her once. I was healing him as Mercy. After a while I just said “screw it”, whipped out my pistol and scared the Sombra away.

In another game, our Ashe kept getting killed by Widowmaker who then proceeded to tear through our team, so at some point I decided to go for her and give her some Lucio love.

Then you have the millions of games where you can either watch as Moira as your dps fruitlessly try to shoot a Genji or Tracer, or you can just stop healing and attack them so they go away or die.

I will do my job if the dps do theirs, plain and simple.


And to add to this, their are plenty of zarya players who don’t bubble their teamates or even themselves sometimes, so what’s your point?


So a vote for role que then?