Hey Blizzard, where's the Symmetra buff?

Wondering why there wasn’t a Symmetra buff in the PTR.

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There was one…
Or you are just sarcastic, can’t tell.



yay…breadcrumb buff…that certainly will fix her 100%…said no one ever.


So basically, there is a Symmetra buff but we have to play guessing games to figure out that you know that and this is actually just a rant thread.


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I think they’re trying to tell us we’ve been using the beam wrong. We shouldn’t always rely on primary like other heroes.

IMO Symmetra should get given 600 health so she’s not too squishy and she can tank her teleporter time

Nah she needs one of those invisible turrets and if happens to hover over an enemy it follows them until they punch.

Yup and it applies 200 DPS

She got a buff to her primary fire charge time. Not the buff she needs but its something.


Is this about that time they forgot to write it? It is on PTR anyway

Agreed. for starters she needs TP to place much quicker if they want her to counter grav like they said…

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They also need to make it place through railings and not right on the lip of a ledge.

That’s the only change for Sym I care about.
I don’t need buffs because I know how to use her.

I felled after my post lol.

The thing is this was the exact same buff back in from November.

Her turrets need a nerf imo

news flash: no one wants symmetra to be good other than symmetra mains. she belongs where she is right now - at the bottom. remove her turrets and maybe we’d change our minds, but really, no one wants to be beamed by AI turrets every single game. keep her niche.