Hey Blizzard a few pointers

When did they announce this was going to happen? Lol

Next time you make a comment, please do the following:

Don’t call Blizzard out, it’s against the rules and will result in you getting silenced or banned.

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It’s an idea, but people who play top 500 will hate this very much and Blizzard most likely will get a lot of negative feedback. I am not on the top 500, but I would personally hate to have to go through some kind of verification to verify that I am who I am just to play in top 500 rank matches. Also they would have to spend time developing an App that does this only for 500 people out of the millions that play the game? Most likely not worth their time.

Heard it being discussed on stream by a couple of top 500 players. Might have been a rumor.

  1. They do balance you’re literally just ignorant to that fact, you do realize it’s not just as simple as a button click away to change a hero. I’ll presume your a child with no real education on software.
  2. The community gives feedback that they follow up on…BUT if they followed literally posts by everyone and everything this game would be a joke, understand that the game is bigger then just your ranting about a specific thing/hero.
  3. Each and every hero is unique to the standards of this game and the maps are no different, it’s literally impossible to make a hero so different you can say nothing in this world matches it, that’s a hard fact you need to accept and grow up on. Each map on this game hinting at a reference or another game isn’t “lazy” it’s called respecting the older generation on game makers that made those great games. Blizzard World is a great map and shows the progressive state the company made to get to the point at which they are now at.
  4. IP tracking is almost as dumb as this whole thread, not only do you break so many laws by using software to track people, you invade privacy, possible information can be stolen and sold to 3rd party sites (black market) and ruin peoples lives, you seem to have little to no education on the consequences of what taking information does. Shocker but this game has a anti-cheating system in place and it’s the best to date, problem with software is if a new aim-bot or wall hack comes online the system has to adjust and find it in order to punish it. the system will always be behind that’s how people that make those bots make money, seems like you went out of your way to rant on this forum with literally zero knowledge of how the bigger picture actually works and trying to blame a company for the sh%t show performance to seem to be doing in your games. Stop blaming the game on your problems and focus on fixing your life as whole.

This is the nice way of putting things for you by the way. the REALLY nice way.

Would be a rumor cus people posted it on here as an idea. and the top 500 might of just saw the post and talked about it. Or the other way around. but i don’t think they would really do that. that would cut into there precious pros egos. and we all know blizzard only cares about pros.

It would be an in game function not an app. Your account would linked to a specific phone number, which couldn’t be linked to another account. Most people only have one phone number, so it’s unlikely they will buy multiple phones to have multiple top 500 accounts.

If your account doesn’t have a linked phone, then you can’t be ranked top 500 in any region. Not sure how or if it would work on consoles.

So the WHOLE Eich map is a copy?

The WHOLE blizzard world was just a copy paste?

The WHOLE junkrat map is… um… a copy of… uhhh

The WHOLE dorado map is a copy of… ugh.

WELL, the WHOLE Hanamura map is just a copy of Japan… so.

Also… PLEASE explain how Horizon Zero Dawn is in any way like Brigitte? They both have braids? Whoops! Guess I copied the game this morning when I did my hair.

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I see. Though it is unlikely, someone may still use like a family members phone number or friends phone number that is alright with using. It’s an interesting idea, but I feel there is some holes that could be abused.

The SMS Protect requirement rule was announced in the PTR Patch Notes post here. It will go live for Season 11 in Competitive.

Learn how to add SMS Protect to your account here:


Oh snap. I didn’t notice that. Thanks for posting it.

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ahh okay thank you didn’t see that. lol

:expressionless: not even going to answer that one. This comment alone makes everything else you typed meaningless and shows you have no idea what you are talking about. Blizzard world probably is the result of hundreds of hours of work between Artists, 3d renderers and level designers.


There will likely be more explanation for this and other things about Competitive in the promised discussion post from Prinicipal Director Scott Mercer which is coming SOON™.

The problem with IP tracking is that you can reset your IP address very easily.

Also Jeff kaplan himself has said that smurfing is ok.

I dont have a problem with smurfs as this isn’t a F2P game.

GO play HOTS if you want to see how bad the smurfing problem can truly get.

Have you seen Blizzard’s balance history with other games? It’s horrible with the exception of SC1

Anyone else remember Dr. Boom dominating the meta in Hearthstone for close to two years despite massive outrage from the community?

I agree with you on this. If they paid for the game. It’s on them to play on and manage on it. yeah it sucks to play against someone who might be top 500 on a smurf account, but it’s most likely going to be 1 match that you play against them. I could be wrong though.

Not hard to fake throw to purposely keep rank low. Just pick Reinhardt, don’t shield your teammates, and aggressively charge in. You’ll look just like a bad low rank Reinhardt player and you’ll probably lose the game.

I mean you seem to be an absolute genius in this field. How about you go ahead and create a game better than Overwatch with absolutely no references, inspirations, and support and convince us all to come and play. Don’t worry, mate. We’ll be here waiting for you, I promise!

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I mean, it’s not that hard, remember when you were a kid and you saw a tomato and you were like wow, this is my best friend. It’s called imagination, you should probably use it.