Hero's steps not hear-able


If i recall correctly i was always able to hear dangerou’s heros steps if they were near, now heros like mcree, reaper roadhog, can literally walk behind me (when im in safe spot shooting projectiles) and i wont be able to hear their steps. Has something changed, like a patch removing steps sounds?

[MEGATHREAD] Can You Hear the Audio Issues? I Bet You Can! :mute:

I’ve noticed this, too, but other people I ask about it have said they haven’t noticed a difference. I do feel like I can’t hear nearly as much as I think I used to. There weren’t any patch notes about it, though. I’m glad somebody else hears it, too, because I feel like I’ve been taking crazy pills.


Maybe a lot is going on and they are crouching.


What im sure of is they dont crouch, since i can see them on kill cam. But where it comes to a lot of going on, i think this game has something like soud priority, it means that sound cues are increased in volume when they come from something that is danger to you. So for example my charged weapon sound shouldnt be louder than the steps of a hero that can one shot me


I’ve had ults go off behind me without the sound cue, so something is up I think.


Glad I’m not the only one


I think the footsteps are getting drowned out by all the noise everything makes. I remember when FFA first came out I was so disoriented from the super loud footsteps that sounded much closer than they were.

In a team battle, the footsteps are impossible to hear.

I think they need to check their audio balancing along with the excessive partical visual vomit.


im talking about situations where im far from teamfight, like ana siitng on a sniping spot


I think it could be due to how they balance the audio when teams are involved. Maybe they intended to make teammates footsteps quieter but didn’t make sure the enemy footsteps were effected.


This has been a problem for a lonnnnnng time, there’s a dedicated megathread in the bug forum with video examples, if you can please add your experience to the thread.

…not that Blizzard has done anything about it yet, if ever they even will.


I have anything that isn’t in game voice lines or sfx (or vchat) all the way off and I haven’t noticed anything, but that may just be because of my settings as well.


I’ve had some footsteps be really quiet lately. I can almost hear my teammates just as loud if not louder.

Some ults like deadeye have played out of my line of sight with no sound cue either.



I can hear opponent’s Reaper’s and Roadhog’s footsteps clearly, like stomp stomp stomp, everyone else just has silent footsteps.


Could be sound channel issues, certain software/hardware combinations can only register a limited number of sounds at once, and a sound doesn’t necessarily need to be audible to take up a spot in a channel.


Same here. I thought it was just me, but it seems like a widespread issue.


Yeah the silent enemy footsteps bug has been a thing for about 10 months or more. It’s been reported a lot in the bug forum but has yet to even be acknowledged by the devs.


I’ve had a rien shatter instantly without saying his voice line. All you heard was a big slam


For me McCree usually doesn’t say his ult voiceline 30% of the time (a generous guess) and it’s really annoying. It’s mainly just McCree. I can’t recall ever not hearing anyone but him not speak before ulting and I look like an idiot getting caught in an easy to avoid deadeye.

I can’t speak for footsteps though. I struggle hearing as it is, so the footsteps are generally quiet for me and unless there isn’t much going on (like voice line spam) I miss them.


I’ve thought footsteps are even louder recently…


The word you’re thinking of is ‘audible’, and yes, I’ve been having this issue for a while. It seems like my teammates’ footsteps are as loud or louder than the enemy footsteps and it creates some confusion during both chaotic and quiet moments in the game. Is that my Moira running up behind me or is it the enemy Reaper? I never know till I look and if it’s the latter, we’ll, I’m toast. :dizzy_face: