Heroes that don't tilt you when you get killed πŸ’€


What the heroes that don’t make you angry when you get killed?

Here is my list:

  • Zenyatta
  • Ana
  • Ashe
  • Soldier 76
  • Orisa
  • Hammond


Mercy, less healing for her team


Basically any support cause I’m like β€œrock on dude” especially a mercy


I don’t get tilted by anything but what makes me sigh is getting randomly headshotted by Hanzo or Widow or when I die to Symmetra’s M2 from midrange+ range.


if that literal garbage tier character kills me then its 100% my fault lol.
everything else basically has stuns or 1 shots.


I don’t get tilted by any hero except Tracer. And it’s not even tilting really, it’s just an overwhelming feeling of not wanting to be either a) playing the game or b) alive.


Its more about how and not by who. If i for example play torb and get repeatedly picked by a junkrat out of my los but somehow managing to accurately skyshot me and my turret then i get angry.

When the kill feels cheaty i get angry, i never got angry because booping in a hole, hook massacred or randomly arrowed but when it feels like you are against some specifc aimbot, its gets annoying fast.


Days where I used to tilt because I got killed are gone. On launch I got really triggered by getting hooked through walls which felt like bug abuse more so than my own mistake if anything else.

If I tilt it’s more so about my teammates.


I agree with everything on this list except Ashe.

If I’m Ana she can kill me quite effortlessly.

Hammond with Widowmaker is terrifying lol


I don’t think Brigitte is in the list XD


She kinda is but as a mercy it’s rare she kills me. And half the time she does I’m tilted at the moment till I see the kill cam and my team has just let her waltz into the back lines


If I die to any hero that is terrible, like Widow or Orisa, I give them mad respects because they managed to challenge themselves that much.


Winston Zen Moira, usualy my own Fault then


Everyone except Mei and Widow especially Widow.


Everyone except Sombra, Mei and Widow.


I started writing a list and I ended up getting halfway through before I realised I had the intention of listing all 30 Heroes.

Except Reaper. Screw him.


torb :rofl:


Nothing tilts me. I look at any death as an opportunity to improve. Tilt loses games.