Hero pools is a brave and holistic change

Thanks for the communication, hope those features are gonna be good and can’t wait to see the new workshop additions.


Hi Jeff, this is my feedback:
When Mercy is banned, I will not complain. I will just play Hearts of Iron 4 for a week.

I have 1000+ hours on Mercy and 55 on Lucio, my second most played support. And I’m already two levels below my Mercy rank with the other roles I play (mostly as Dva and Sombra). So you can see that I’m serious. All I’d be doing by playing another support is lose SR without any fun at all.


Fair enough, how about have a monthly rotation with a week long grace period for people to change their play style to fit the next rotation?
That way things aren’t so chaotic

Another concern I have though is counterplay. What if Pharah is banned but not Mei?

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Or you could do what I do, and not care what tank I play. I’m good at like 4-5 of them. So I just roll with it


I just realized this becomes competitive limited duel but also with role queue

workshop creators will really love some of the changes Zach and Dan made to the feature. they listened to their feedback very closely and all of it is in response to what creators wanted. really proud of them for their work!


Imagine spending one whole season or even a month without been able to play your favourite hero, terrible idea


Okay, and with this, I do need to ask, how is balance going to work when your current strategy is less for total overall balance and more for attacking a meta, when the meta can potentially change every week?

Hi Jeff, thanks so much for this update and communication, it’s super exciting!

I have to ask though, what is the point of having super fast and drastic balance changes if we are just going to be enforcing weekly metas with hero pools anyways? Like what is the point of nerfing or buffing a hero if they can only be played whether they are in that week’s pool or not?

I hope you understand what I am trying to ask. I feel like having weekly (or every 2 weeks) big balance patches like the last two patches would do a better job of keeping the meta fresh and ever changing without just outright locking heroes out of being played.

I hope that makes sense, but I am nevertheless excited for this system and to test it out!


Did they read my Wikithread masterlist of workshop ideas?

i worked hard

What do you do when the other support picks Mercy first? Disconnect? Overwatch is about developing yourself on multiple heroes. It doesn’t seem to be the game for you. If hero pools makes one tricks quit, I’d say that’s good for the game. Maybe the only good thing about them.

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different but in a way that the difference makes it fun for players.
Im definitely not playing overwatch if hero pool goes live in season 21 because I 2 trick sombra and widow. I 2 trick them for a reason and if one of them is banned then im not contributing to the team by playing lets say - tracer and swapping off widow because my tracer isnt as good as my sombra (who is my pick when im getting countered as widow).

Practice other heroes? why? I wanna play the hero I enjoy isnt that the point of playing “video games” in the first place?

The game lost its “fun” aspect after every hero released since brig (excluding ashe). And hero pool will definitely remove the little bit of fun I had playing this game competitively once it for all.

This is just how I personally feel about this feature and of course me quitting the game wouldn’t make a difference for you guys or anyone anyways. I just wanted to give you some opinion on this


Has the team considered rotating one character in and out of the pool at a faster interval than a week?

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Last time Jeff posted he made it pretty clear on the devs thoughts of 1 tricks (from a decision making standpoint)

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If you guys do end up making more aggressive changes more frequently, would hero pools be super necessary?

Also, are you worried about how support or tank players may feel, there would be a serve lack of tanks and supports for people to play in this model. Would you be worried, that while it would change the meta up more frequently, the lack of options, which are being limited even more now with hero pools, would make tanks feel like there out of options.

Also, what would happen if say, this created a severe imbalance, and potential to make queue times even longer, because the new pool for that time felt very, painful to play again, thus causing que times to increase even more?

Has the dev team considered adding in more characters? Specifically, more tanks and supports, by having more options in these areas, it could help increase the diversity in the meta, and also in heroes.

For example, having a tank which could potentially steal shield health from an enemy’s shield, but it being a personal shield, this would give a counter to double shields, while also making it so that your team wouldn’t have double shield, as that tank would not have one.

I, along with a lot of my friends, who have been playing this game faithfully since release. Feel like a lot of this games issues could be solved if you guys let loose on your creativity and released heroes more frequently.

By adding in more characters, it will allow the meta to have more options, because there will be more options, and this could also help with you guys having to balance so severely, by having more options, you’ll be able to tweak people only a bit, and it could be flip the entire meta, because there would be a less distinct scale of power.

This obviously opens up a some huge issues, but it could perhaps solve some of the biggest ones right now…though I know you are all very busy working OW2, I’m just worried that even with hero pools, and the drastic balance changes, it will not be enough.

There are other video games that are more suited to players who don’t want to adapt. Overwatch was literally created with hero swapping in mind. I’d suggest finding a game that better suits what you enjoy or staying out of competitive.


haha cheeky :smiley:
i hope you have fun with the game because that is a key tell that the game is going in a good direction.

my only concern with this is that it might flood the more casual modes with these characters that are not in the competitive map pool so those specific players might just play something else in competitive or they might just go to an alternative source to get their fill of that specific character.

but i’m actually pretty stoked for OWL.
might actually see some creativity coming out, but i guess it’ll be really peak stress for the pro players in the league now as they have to learn new metas very quickly.

but none the less, fun stuff, happy to see you guys mixing it up a bit.

I’d love to be able to see stats associated with each replay on my profile page. Hopefully that’s under consideration.

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Has your stance on reworks changed since blizzcon or is there perhaps one planned for our favorite omnic minigun? :eyes: