Hero pools is a brave and holistic change

If the Dev team decides to change up the Hero Pool functionality quickly, how would that effect the OWL Hero pool system?

Secret trick


Just out of curiosity, why is it that you guys are trying hero pools instead of player controlled hero bans?

Chaos isn’t a good thing, especially too much of it.
One day your best hero is available and you climb, but the next day they are banned so you fall.

is there a ban protection for popular heroes?
will lets say mercy, banned one week, than played alot next week, will she be protected not to be banned 3rd week again?
whats the plan?

we want this too. more likely for OW2 at this point…


I wanted to ask what would happen to PTR now that we have experimental play?


And if they keep pursuing their line of thinking they’ll lose players and revenue. If they are fine with that then they can stick with their guns and do whatever they want. If not they may need to reconsider their stance.

Is there a limit for saving replays?

Is there any other popular community requested feature we might end up seeing in ow2?

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My guess is they don’t trust player not to just ban the same heroes all the time. This way, at least it changes every week (or however long it ends up being) rather than everyone just banning… like hanzo for instance. Then no one gets to ever play hanzo. With the hero pool you don’t end up with a ban meta.


I’m sorry but I can’t see how any of this is “fun” or “exiting”. I love tanking. And outside my horrible D.Va I love using all the tanks.

I have built my play style around being able to flex between tanks depending on map, team comp, and enemy team comp.

Limiting the tanks I can use AND maps I play on is too much.

Perhaps some people hate facing certain hero’s and comps but I cant say I do. Sometimes it can be frustrating sure but not anywhere near where I’d want those hero unplayable. For me or the enemy.

I wont be returning for Season 21. If the community likes it then good for them but not this guy. Not with the limited amount of tanks we have.


Thats the exact reason I “two” trick. I never really wanted to play widow. I started playing her due to her hyper carry potential when mastered. I grind hours on her daily. Sombra was my first main because she brought me to the game. I dont like playing tracer, I dont like Mcree’s or Mei’s cheap play style. I wanna carry the game with the hero im best at, if Im getting countered I swap to my other main (you know “adapt”). If i cant do that then gg not playing this game.

which game? Lawbreakers? Paladins? prolly the closest to overwatch. Does it have widow or sombra in it? no? ok thank yo kanye very cool.

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Exactly this. People just wont play, because a very large number of people like to play their favorites.

I can also see it coming. People screaming for longer times to keep heros out that they don’t like.

Also, what is this going to do to the balance of the game? Heros being locked out that could very well help against a certain team makeup?

I think it will frustrate people more than it will help.

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we work closely with OWL on all decisions. we’d just chat with them.


I do like stats but will the gold medal system be removed in OW2? I can’t stand it


I feel like the status quo is a consequence of solo queue and that full stacks are in a better position to experiment. Is there anything in the works to promote such gameplay?


Hmm, What’s this? The OverWatch Team is finally fed up with “Nerf (x) Meta Hero” Post. Anytime they do, its the same result. “Nerf Killed (x) Meta Hero in (x) Rank”.

Minutes ago, I was a neigh-sayer (Semi-OTP), but this feature could be the formula to better balance change that all players can adapt to.
They’re keeping the New Year Revolution!


Is there any possibility for crossplay and native mouse and keyboard support coming to consoles now that all 4 platforms allow crossplay?

Jeff pls yell at whoever is in charge of building a public facing overwatch api and tell them to give us access for or before ow2 :frowning:

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