Hero Balancing In A Nutshell


Players: “Wtf! Dive has been meta for a full year! It’s nothing but boring mirror matches!”

Devs: Gives us a hero to punish Dive

Players Who Don’t Counterplay: “Omg!! Brigitte is broken! She’s literally unkillable!”

Nerfs Her Damage and Ult to Dust(as well as nerfs armor damage resistance by half.

Players: “Genji and Tracer are too strong they have no counters!”

Devs: “…”


It is like Jeff said on Emongg stream (I think):
“What the hell do you guys want?”


Brig shouldve regained her shield bash combo when they nerfed rally, Im fine with nerfing goats but I still think this game desperately needed a hero that forces tracer to switch off.


“Genji and Tracer are strong and have no counters.”

Devs: Buffs McCree’s fth and Reapers life steal

“I’m sick of facing goats.”

Devs: puts out a nerf armor wide catching Orisa in the crossfire

“You going to do something about Doomfist, Junkrat, Sombra etc?”

Devs: lol no


Cries in Spanish


Yeah, they never nerfed Doomfist. Yup, totally op ss-bayonetta tier strong


They’ve nerfed Brig something like 12 times (big nerfs, too) and she still has a decent winrate.

Call me crazy, but I’m going to say those players were absolutely right and she was released ludicrously overpowered.


By that logic Symmetra and Torbjorn must be op too, seeing as their winrates are higher than hers.


You shouldn’t trust the winrate of heroes with extremely low pickrate. It’s too likely to just be a few very strong players.


Maybe if they updated more then once every 2 months and did not swing a sledge hammer when they did.

But please, keep being an apologist


Was referring to bug fixes.


But have you seen Brigitte stats as of recently? Her pickrate is lower than most heroes and she’s currently the least played support.

10 bucks says her winrate will be below 50% after these ptr nerfs and her pickrate will be down there with Symmetra and Torbjörn’s.


In all honesty, I think Brig should be completely removed from the game, reworked, and reintroduced at a later time. It’s better to have Brig 2.0 than just have a pathetic nerfed Brig whose only role in the game is enabling Goats, when Goats has been nerfed into not being overpowered.


But then they would have to lose their full of themselves attitude and admit to at least one of their MANY balancing mistakes


They don’t even have to admit a mistake. They can just say it’s due to “Unforseen interactions with other heroes”, specifically, Lucio. I would honestly have a lot more confidence in them if they did remove her.

I think the best Brig would be to give her back her shield bash damage, but remove her armor pack and give her an entirely different ult. Make her a pure off-tank. She could keep most of her playstyle, but not heal… she’d get some other ability in place of the armor pack and a totally different ult.


Yeah it’s like the one time a rework is warranted, and they won’t do it lol


I think it’s actually pretty likely down the road. When she’s nerfed flat and Goats is dead, she’ll have a nearly zero pickrate and a terrible winrate. She’ll probably be fixed in a year or two.


You are more positive of this game’s life then me :stuck_out_tongue:


Honestly, if they’re just going to ruin her and leave her ruined they really should just delete her. It’d get them a lot of positive press and bring back some of the people who quit due to her.

But I think the rework and fix idea is better. She was fun to play, she just did too much. She was always more of a tank than a support, they could just go full tank with her, and then we’d have another tank.


Yeah, a disrupter tank, kind of like how DF should have been. A protector without the healing