Hero 30 will be an effeminate male character 💖


I really hope it is Maximilian and he has a ULT like Zens except he blocks all healing like ana Nade and goes through barriers.

Right now only sombra ult is the only support ult counter. All other support ults counter dps ults.


And he should be unlocked using 12000 coins


That’s a reach



You’re thinking of Lynx Seventeen, friend-o.


you know what this game really needs? a dovahkiin


I don’t know if anyone has seen the fan design for “witch doctor”, but that would be a cool basis for a new support. Or this ba hammerhead cyborg called “bruce” by Brian “panda” Choi.


How is TORBLY a thing?


Then he will be incorporated to GOATS and everyone will hate him.


have you seen young Genji?


Honey, I wish I hadn’t. :rofl:


you’re my new favorite person on the forums uwu


YAss gimme that power-bottom boy otter realness, zaddy!

(props to anyone who can comprehend this sentence. also, add me)


Dae-Hyun has bad hair though. Brig doesn’t.


Did we forget CASINO, KING, and OVERLORD exist?


Like Adam Lambert
I’ll have montages with Killer Queen


I honestly think Overwatch community desperately doesn’t give a crap about it.


I had the same thing happen. I don’t act very stereotypically gay, but I personally think a feminine male would be a great addition to the game! He doesn’t even have to be gay. I know a ton of very feminine straight guys, just like I know plenty of masculine gays.


Yes overwatch community wants more lore and gameplay not a cute male hero


I want a cute male character


I’m hoping we get another omnic hero. We only have 3 and 1/2 heroes who are considered an omnic.