Hero 30 will be an effeminate male character 💖


what about a hero having a personality is political lmfao


What about Lucio? He’s hardly effeminate, but I don’t think he’s “manly manly” in an extremely idealized sense. He just looks like a normal dude.

I’m fine with whatever 30 is; I’m just saying not all male characters are super idealized.

Also Zen is a male character, just like Orisa is a female character. They’re not like Bastion. Don’t say that Omnics don’t count, the whole game is about humans and Omnics co-existing / failing to do so. Don’t contribute to the problem!


i think lucio is the peppy and zen is the zenly. Theyre not “manly”, no, but neither really goes against gender norms


I’m not afraid, like you said, the whole lore plot of the game revolves around politics created specifically for the game, so why ask/demand for things that, up until this point were not put in the game, just to be there, without giving ideas on hero design or lore background, even if a basic one.

Again, this is my opinion, but asking/demanding these things, without giving ideas on how to make it fit in the game itself as it is right now, just doesn’t make much sense.

It’s nice that social minorities (that’s arguable when it comes to numbers sometimes, but in actual social power it makes sense) are getting represented, don’t get me wrong, but why not let it happen at its own pace?

OP’s post was based around just asking for the next hero to have certain personality traits. Like I said before, why not expand on that then? Create the idea of a whole character, not just an isolated trait.


How exactly does a black woman not fit into a game that the developers themselves have called inclusive in the context of representing different peoples from around the world?

No one knows what Blizzard is up to, so we don’t know what the pace is. Hypothetically, it could be never; we’re 29 heroes in and a black woman is nowhere to be found, while Apex Legends came out of the gate with two. It is imperative for people to discuss these things and let companies know how important these things are to them, especially since- honestly- Overwatch is an oasis in a desert. There is no other game that is deliberately as inclusive and as simultaneously open to feedback regarding representation, where the company listens to things like “Yo, why the world are all the women’s body shapes the same cliche’ skinny girl?” or “Hey, why does the Brazilian black guy not sound Brazilian at all while everyone else has an accent or speaks their native tongue?” When you have only one option, you’re vocal over it.

Because they’re not obligated to. OP probably doesn’t think there’s any need to tell Blizzard to create this specific character with this specific backstory and this specific kit and this specific voice actor and this specific set of skins, especially since the likelihood of all of those things coming to fruition is literally zero. I guarantee you any specific character concept we come up with will remain fanon. But you know what actually has a semblance of a chance of happening? A black woman. Or in the OP’s case, an effeminate male character.


Nah that thread is going to be made on the weekend.


What I’m saying is that asking for it to be implemented, just to be there doesn’t make much sense.

(Sure Orisa’s creator isn’t in the game, but shouldn’t that count for something? Since she’s in the lore?)

That, believe it or not, made more sense than how he is now. Mixing languages. We really don’t do that if we’re talking in another language. Not to mention, over time Brazilians tend to lose the accent, depending on the language of course, but english is one of them.

I understand the side of people wanting him to have portuguese lines, but taking in consideration our culture, they weren’t needed.

Btw, until a few somewhat recent voicelines were added between him and Symm and him and Mercy, one could see his lore and think he’s just a thief, wich believe me, doesn’t go very well with people down here, in fact a very common thing for some people to say, when talking about thieves is something on the lines of “a good thief is a dead one”.


i’m a one trap apocalypse :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


Torbly > than any other peppy, manly manly, zenly, angstly character.


Did someone mention HERESY!?
Black Templar intensifies


People want characters that look like them to relate to, to play with, and to aid in the inclusion of media, which increases empathy and working opportunities for minorities. They’re not there for no reason.

Lucio only recently in the context of his story got wealthy enough to leave his podunk surroundings and start traveling. His tour took two years to put together, which would place him at minimum of 24 years of age before he got anywhere close to being able to leave Brazil. That’s 24 years of speaking Portuguese with a Brazilian Portuguese accent. If anything, the idea that he speaks English with a perfect American accent after only two years is what is fishy. But Jonny is a beautiful ray of sunshine who can do no wrong so I let it slide.

I think anyone reading his actual story and reducing him to a nothing more than thief is engaging in, well, reduction to absurdity; same as anyone looking at his musical occupation and dismissing him entirely as stereotypical on that front.


What are you talking about? Junkrat already exists.


This game needs blood elves cleary.


How many times do I have to say Junkrat already exists?


Then I must welcome you to the mind of some people here in Brazil. Sucks? Yup, but it happens anyway.

On that note, if you haven’t, search and if possible watch a film called “Tropa de Elite” (and the sequel if you want), idk the english name of it, if it even has one. It kinda shows this whole culture thing I talked about and shows how the corrupt side of Brazilian police and politics work (for the most part). You may know the protagonist tho, it’s the one that interprets Pablo Escobar on Narcos.

That doesn’t mean he couldn’t have practiced, but I’ll let that one slide.


He should be an effeminate male character with an ability to send decoys to fool enemies.


And should his name be Mirage?


Mirage is a gurl tho


You should go look up Apex Legends.


Warframes Mirage is better