Hero 30 will be an effeminate male character 💖


Lol what? Lucio may not come across quite as manly as the other male characters but I wouldn’t say he’s ‘effeminate’.
If Lucio is your idea of ‘effeminate’ then I genuinely want to know what your idea of ‘manly’ is.


hahaha, what??? So, a designer shouldn’t moodboard a hero concept on say ‘a haughty woman’ Or an ‘upbeat positive guy’, or even ‘strong and masculine woman’. These are all defining aspects of heroes we already have, how are they shallow?

Are BOTH of you are misunderstanding wanting an effeminate male personality to have ANYTHING to do with sexuality and gender? hahaha


Straight, white, male. Let the snowflakes hit the floor.


I’m not sure how else i can phrase it. Obviously haughty woman or upbeat positive guy or effeminate man are defining character traits, but they arent THE defining trait. Many personality and physical traits come together at once when a character is created. He doesnt just go “i want an effeminate man because we dont have one.” I’m not sure why this is such a hard concept.

Also, i didnt say anything about gender/sexuality. But you shouldnt create a character just to fill “gaps” in those either.




That would be so boring though…


and he will be tank.


So you’re arguing one shouldn’t create something that’s not already represented, because it’s shallow and a cop out?

Okay. God forbid we add something new. lmao


we are getting a kpop idol as the new hero

But in all seriousness, I really hope the next male hero isnt a 50 year old that looks like a body builder. I care less about their personality, as long as they aren’t edge lords. But a normal-slim body frame


Thats exactly what im arguing.

However, that’s not mutually exclusive with “something new” lol.

I’m all for new things, but not if theyre shoehorned in because of some inane need to fill a societal margin.


Trap is a slur for transpeople in general, not for those individuals who merely dress in clothing of the opposite gender. I would suggest watching Contrapoints’ video “Is it gay?” on the subject.

But yeah, don’t use that term if you fancy yourself an ally.


The spartans shagged other guys, so unless you are cooler than an ancient greek soldier, SHHH


Also this. There’s nothing effeminate about Lucio, at least in a way that doesn’t ironically shed light on the toxic views gamers have about how men should present their masculinity.


“what a interesting hypothesis”


Ah, I see.
To me that appears as nothing more than a pretentious justification to be unhappy with any attempt to add something that is under represented. Since you’ll always be able to come at it from the angle of it just being ‘shoehorned in’.

None the less, each to their own I suppose!


No, it’s not.
It can be used against trans people but that’s not where the term originates from, that’s like saying that the word “lardy” is “fatphobic” because it can be used to describe fat people and therefore no one can use it anymore.
Here, give Appabend’s video a watch and maybe you’ll change your mind: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBo97H_n-xY

Ugh, that term.
This isn’t a war, you don’t have “allies” you have people who support your views.
Ah but it is the current year I guess, you can’t just be in support of something anymore, you have to pick a side.
Here, you can have a video that analyses that term too because i’m feeling generous: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7n8R0WgTFE

(Both the people I linked are good at covering political topics like this, give em a watch if you want some opposite views to expand on).

Yeeeeah about that…




well thats a little judgemental of you.

But to be fair, i wont really ever KNOW if a character was added for such a reason unless they specifically stated it (which they obviously wouldnt). So i would never have any real reason to be unhappy about a new character.

I like most of overwatch’s cast because theyre interesting and complex characters (or at least have the potential to be) not just because there’s a gay character, or a black character, or guy with chaps.


Nah, we need Junker Queen, and she should have abs and show her navel.


I’m excited for when they release what gender Bastion’s bird identifies with.