Hero 30 will be an effeminate male character 💖


He will also be straight and happily married with kids. And his family supports his flamboyant expression because that’s true to his self.

Ditto. Main healer is pretty much the only “subclass” that still have a heavy gender imbalance, with three women and zero men.


You mean like Whis from Dragon Ball Super?


There you guys go again. Treating different people like items on a checklist.

“We need ______ because there isn’t one yet.” is a pretty shallow way of thinking.


This is a trash topic. I’m only reading it because I’m waiting for the patch to dload


Eh, I don’t either. But A lot of my friends do, the guy I’m dating does, and some of my straight friends do. No one said the guy would be gay, either. I still want one.

That’s kind of projecting a little bit, no?

I think guys IRL that are effeminate/clean cut/trendy like Lucio are way more common than the roster indicates. I think having more would be neat and add more variety to the hero roster.


We need my boy overlord. I took he was a girl at first sight.
Casino and Maxi are good too.


Or just…make a hero that is good for the game… After that have your way with them.


You know what ? I want a trap.


That got transphobic really quickly.


No, it isn’t.

I don’t get this. Yes I’d agree that there is way more guys that are less like Reinhardt, Doomfist, and Roadhog but to try and say someone like Hanzo, Genji, Soldier, aren’t ‘clean cut’ and ‘trendy’ is silly. They just aren’t effeminate.

Also Reinhardt and Doomfist are VERY clean. Having a beard doesn’t make you dirty. Doomfist is completely shaved as well.


Lucio without facial hair is basically a girl tbh


I doubt people are transphobic. They just hate political agenda.


“Trap” isn’t a transphobic slur.
A trans person (Blizzard won’t let me use the word) is someone who actively identifies as a member of the opposite gender.
A “trap” is a man (or woman, more commonly a man though) who makes himself look like a member of the opposite gender but still identifies as male (or female).
There’s an important difference.

Unless of course you’re brushing off trans people as people who are just pretending to be a member of the opposite gender, because that is transphobic.


Nah, they’ll make Roadhog an effeminate, gay psychopath soon enough. The reason they keep the psycho part is to keep him just edgy enough. They don’t want to be seen as cough retconning cough anything now would they?


It also has 0 to do with being gay


So asking for a character type we don’t have yet is somehow shallow? What?

These are characters that are designed to have recognisable visuals and discernible personalities. By your logic, everyone ought to be okay with having the entire roster be [generic player character model] with varying weapons.


Good writers dont just go “oh hey we dont have an effeminate male character yet, i should make one.” Thats not how it works.

Its a process that happens naturally. If Chu writes an effeminate character, than great, but i can guarentee you he’s not going to start with such a shallow aspect of a human being as a baseline for an entire design.



Lucio already exists in this game yes?

Am I taking crazy pills?


It is shallow, you are correct-- you are reducing your desire for a new character down to one named quality. Be it sexuality, or gender preference; which has zero effect on game-play mind you, surface level suggestion. You are not asking for a “character type”, or role type, you’re asking for a “gender/sexuality type”, which is the definition of shallow: “of little depth.”


He certainly doesn’t fit the “manly” stereotype.