Hero 28 close-ish?

So I was perusing the Dev Tracker section of the forums and found a response from Jeff to a thread about the status of Torb and Sym’s changes. In response he said:

…“Torb is not on the immediate horizon. We’re more focused on Symmetra right now… and someone else.”

I believe that this was after Brigitte was already announced and in the game (at least on PTR). So has work on Hero 28 begun? Did I miss something? Are we seeing this guy/gal/robit in a couple of months?

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Speaking of Torb and Symm rework

for interested people. i think he was talking about a rework and not of the next hero but who knows

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Maybe he meant more tweaks to doomfist.

28 is forecast to arrive some time this summer as per “release new content to keep money rolling” economics.

Hopefully a woman of color who wears her hair naturally.

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We need more new male characters.

Hero 28 will be July

Hero 29 will be November

Hero 30 will be March 2019

Just a hunch based on no particular pattern


Seriously lmao. Don’t know why people act like hero releases are some big mystery.

They almost definitely are deep into development on hero 28


For the endless hope of an always improving game :slight_smile:

Speaking of Torb and Symm rework


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Thanks for posting the actual clips :slight_smile:
I haven’t quite figured out how to do that yet

select the text and click “quote” and you have it. if you have more then one quote do it multiple times