Hero 27 Hint On Twitter!

Ana wasn’t a healer at the time. She became a healer after Overwatch was disbanded and she lost her eye.

Yes and Torb doesn’t actually have a limitless supply of turrets, and ammo for his gun. Game mechanics trump logic/story.

Everyone is talking about how hero 27 is Emre and no one is considering that it could be an omnic, maybe a new kind of omnic that is tough enough to take down Torbjorn.

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Then we would not have met it before.

Remember the big hint about this hero is that we had seen him or her before

So… no blackwatch/talon event for uprising

I’m pretty sure that’s actually just a misconception. As far as I know, Jeff only said that they are “A surprise that has perhaps been hinted at.” If I’m wrong though, I’d love to see a link. (Or, maybe Jeff Kaplan himself would be willing to verify?)

is this confirmed?

perhaps maximillian? That was the evil looking omnic from the DF comic right?

Been hinted at. No confirmation, just hype.

The reasoning behind it is the poster asked for a hero 27 hint and this is what we got. It’s most likely going to be Emre whoever that is.

So the other guy is confirmed and Hammond isn’t going to be received hopefully we get a short though with this and he also comes with the outbreak svent

I can’t agree enough

Torb is defense buddy

zx24al stands for zx24 Artificial Intelligence.The new hero is omnic that has magnetic skills.Brace for it implies it has bracers but in fact his hands are the metallic arms we ve seen hanging in first point of temple of anubis.

Nope, it not ZX24AI, it’s ZX24AL

Hehe took a shot and missed

As a Turk, I think I’m about to cry. Even mentioning Istanbul and Turkey means so much. Thank you Blizzard. I love this game.


You’re the real mvp:)

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That hero has already been released lol