Here's the Real Tea on Symmetra

I was going to wait to do this one but due to a certain dev that just replied to some worries about our Indian Queen, I’m gonna go ahead and do it now.

Symmetra was only nerfed a tad. But that isn’t the tea. The tea I’m referring to is much hotter.
Apparently Symmetra’s max charged damage is 195
Her actual tick rates are 65/130/195 not 60/120/180
The dev who spat these facts (who I won’t name as you can simply click on the dev tracker category and see for yourself and it’s against the CoC) states that the original Rework post for sym had the 60/120/180 “typo” on it, and he apologized in a very friendly manor.

That’s no biggy, but here’s the tea :tea:

How, and I mean HOW do you accidentally mistype “65/130/195” as 30/120/180

They’re polar opposites sis. I’m not gonna say they shadily ninja buffed Sym and now they’re trying to cover it up (code for: I totally am)
But she still got nerfed nonetheless and I don’t think that a hero that already has a devastatingly low pick rate needed it.

And that’s the tea.


its a lie in my eyes every Sym main out there noticed a big difference during that December patch suddenly we could all melt through and Orisas armor WAY faster. But im so done with their bull at this point.


What’s the point of this thread…? It seems like the dev just made a typo, and that was it…?

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To draw attention to the fact some people arent buying the tripe they are selling anymore

What does that mean?

I think the dev in question corrected himself?:

Wasn’t it originally 30/120/180 when she was initially reworked?

Maybe he’s worked with those numbers for so long it’s a reflex, kinda like how people still write the last year on dates for about the first 2-3 weeks of January. An 8 looks nothing like a 7, but it didn’t stop me from dating things 2017 about a year ago.

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The December patch only made armor feel different, not regular health. It was probably just the tickrate that was changed.

Ooooooh 8 months after? when countless posts have been made asking for buffs? all saying its 60-120-180?

So they just didnt see that? FOR EIGHT MONTHS?

That leaves us with two options

Either they are lying through their teeth

Or they are ignoring every Symmetra based feedback thread on the forum

Tbh idk which one is worse.


idk they buffed Sym’s left click by increasing its charge rate by 20% a few patches ago. That sounds like listening to feedback imo :man_shrugging:

I don’t think so; I remember 60/120/180.

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Yeah, I thought it was 60/120/180. Dunno where the 30 comes from.

2.0 did 30-60-120. 3.0 was originally mean to have a fat beam with 65-125-195 but then a later post was made that said it was changed to 60-120-180.

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This tea is SCALDING.


April 27 2018