Here's the bug report

※ Sorry for my poor English.

  1. If you place a hud or progress bar hud on top, the scoreboard of the team death match is attached to the left side of the hud that you created. As a result, the scoreboard is not centered.

  2. When entering text in action, it is normal, but if you do another operation without pressing ‘Enter’, or press the OK button, the number changes to before modification.

  3. The game continues to explode for no particular reason during workshop modifications. The game has literally ended, resulting in an error message and must be run again.

  4. Apart from No. 3, if the action is longer than a certain level from Overwatch 1, the workshop will end the game, so you cannot create or modify actions in long grammar. As an alternative, it was developed by opening a notepad, filling it out, and pasting it, and the moment you click to modify it with a workshop editor, the game explodes again. As a result, action with a lot of content cannot be created or modified in the workshop editor.

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The HUD UI elements are now all strangely indented for no apparent reason.

Also, I believe anything to do with detecting the use of communication wheel is now broken.

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