Help with Season Ban?

I’ve had problems with connection and PC problems and as a result I have left a good amount of games. I would say I would play about 7-10 comp games a day and would leave about once per day. I was playing and my PC overheated and crashed. Now it says “Unable to play competitive while suspended or banned.”

I never knew you could be banned from playing (unless you throw or hack). I had always thought that the time frame from playing would get progressively higher (like CSGO) and the last suspension I had received was a 24 hour suspension. I never knew that you could be banned because of leaving as it never had said so in the game. I read the forums recently and found out, but it doesn’t say whether I have been banned only for the duration of the season or if my account gets perma-banned from competitive.

This is my first season playing and my first season banned because of leaving. Is there a way to find out if it’s a permanent competitive ban or just seasonal?

Here’s some info on leaver penalties and the appropriate channels for providing feedback on the Competitive/banning system.