Help with Overwatch 2: Watchpoint Pack

It’s super upsetting. “Buy the Watchpoint pack and be ready day one!” they told us, and so today it feels like I was dumb to believe it lol


Blue post - they know and are investigating.


yea I too have been having the problem with purchasing the watchpoint pack. i bort it like 4 months ago in prep for OW2 to get the free 2k gold, 2 skins and battlepass but now OW2 is out I haven’t gotten anything I am very annoyed???. Blizzard PLZ FIX UR PURCHASING SYSTEM.


Me 2. I bought the pack. Didnt receive anything. Hope they fix it soon

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I have a PlayStation 4 and got the OverWatch 2 beta access from purchasing the watchpoint pack and now it’s saying that I can’t purchase it and that I don’t own it and I ended up getting the battle pass separately


The skins are for soldier and cassidy, not soldier and reaper

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This is outright fraud. We aren’t just missing the items, we’re also missing out on the progression boost for the battle pass, and that’s legal damages.


I got the Watchpoint pack in JUNE !! I still have no battle pass, Kiriko is locked for me still , i have no coins or the legendary skins thats came with it. idc bout the queue times or whatever cause its not that bad anymore i just want the stuff i paid for


i don’t have the battle pass the coins skins the new hero it looks like i don’t own any of it also all my previous characters and skins from day 1 OG overwatch are locked


I’m so glad it’s not just me, on top of server issues I feel like I just got robbed. I refuse to pay for anything else after this like how can I even trust them now? Super unprofessional. I hope this gets fixed soon cuz I love this game and I’m willing to support it, but not like this…


Yeah, they don’t seem to be talking about this specific issue. It’s like… didn’t get coins. Okay, well it says I didn’t even buy the pack anymore so that’s a bigger deal.


I have non of my rewards from the watch point pact not the battle pass nor the 2000

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Everyone in this thread peep this:

Specifically this part:

Watchpoint Pack on Consoles

Console players who pre-purchased the Watchpoint Pack may not be seeing the items as being available—while some users are experiencing this on Xbox, this issue mostly appears on PlayStation right now. We have a fix for this that we plan to deploy in our downtime later today.

And check back after 7pm PT.

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LMAO, they made it worse. Now all the heroes are locked as though I’m a new user. Still no watchpoint pack stuff.

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Still has not fixed it
For me and my characters where locked

It is now fixed for me.

How my character are unlocked but I still don’t have the rewards from the watch point pack.

Apparently if you go into the store and click the spot where it says the purchase is no longer available, it will confirm you already bought it and that fixes it.


Now my character are locked again and still do not have my rewards the game is really making me mad I spent 40$ for nothing come on overwatch do better I literally love your game but this, come on