Help with fps lag!

idk if i should post here, but pls help!
i’m getting fps problems since the last patches, and they make the game very unfun to play! i play with everything low, and 75% of render scale, and i was used to play with 200/ 150 fps, but now, very constantly my fps drop to 30/40 for 3/4 seconds and i don’t know how to fix.
i have a gtx 1060 and an i5 of 8th generation if it helps.
thanks in advance, have a good day!

Do you have Razer Chroma/Synapse installed?

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Nope, i don’t have anything from razer

Hello MechaBurrito :wave:

One thing we can check that helps, especially after driver, OS, or game client updates, is to refresh the game’s configuration settings.

  1. Hit Windows key+R.
  2. Type “c:\Users” and hit enter.
  3. Navigate to C:\Users%USERNAME%\Documents\Overwatch. where %USERNAME% is your login name.
  4. With the game closed, delete the “Settings” folder from the Overwatch folder.
  5. Rerun the game.

If performance remains the same, then let’s try closing out programs in the background that may be eating up system resources or interfering with the game performance.

Closing Background Applications

Beyond all that, in order to investigate further, we’ll want a system profile to look over for potential problems.

Obtaining System Files

You can include the DXDIAG in a reply to the forum post. Place it between rows of accent marks (`) for formatting:

Like this.

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