Help with Contenders skins

I know I go to overwatchcontenders .com, but which things do I watch to get the skins?

Edit: Outdated post from a month ago, don’t waste your time unless you’re replying to someone else or some other reason lol- still, thank you for coming to help :slight_smile:

I think it’s any live broadcast, just make sure your account is connected

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First livestream will be at 23:00 PDT! (see schedules, korea)

Also… app doesnt work for getting the skins

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There’s many different regions at different times so you shouldn’t have an issue racking up the hours


I have full details, troubleshooting, and the schedule in Chronological order listed in this thread:

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Thank you for helping me guys, I really appreciate it!! :smiley:

Is there any way to see how much time was watched? I had the stream going for the entire ~6 hours, but no way of knowing if it counted. I guess I’ll know after about an hour of the next matches, but some way to track it aside from that would be nice.


There is no way to properly track at this time.

Comedy enough, no wonder people keep missing rewards, since moving off from Twitch.


Not sure if this thread is still active, but I’ve heard that the skins will be rewarded within 48 hours of completed watch times. Can anyone confirm? And if you can how long did it take? I play on Xbox with a linked account and I believe I’ve watched 7 hours, but I want assurance that these hours have counted.


personally, when i received my symmetra skin (xbox as well) it seemed almost instant for me. though, i left stream on while i took a nap so i have no definite way to say when i received the skin after i had the required hours. this was a few days ago, so that also may play a part.

i still have yet to receive mercy’s skin, but i know by the 8-9 hour stream they had today that i am well above 15 hours, maybe even 20. i’m going to try and wait out this 48 hours and see if it registers.

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i just got my skins.

I ve watched 3 full days of contenders 28.10,29.10,30.10 and yet to receive Mercy skin. Symetra came through fine. Hope it comes through soon Im a Mercy main. Love the contenders btw, great comp. Watching from Australia.

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I’ve been watching the streams too, i haven’t gotten anything. It would be a shame if i did miss out on these skins.

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Do you get an in game notification or some other means? I have not got anything yet. I guess I am going to miss another Mercy skin. :frowning:

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There is no notification for cosmetics earned as stream rewards.

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Got the skins!! Thanks Blizzard! Go Overwatch :orange_heart:

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sorry that i’m late to seeing this, but i never got any notifications. i was constantly checking my hero gallery to see if mercy’s items increased. i hope you get her skin eventually.

the sym skin just apread, but if you dont have the mercy skinn by now you missed it.

I received both the mercy and sym skins last month but now I’ve qualified for torb skin and have been waiting 5 days but still haven’t received anything. I’m watching the same way I did before which got my the other skins so idk why it wouldn’t be working now

Edit: Just received torb skins after watching some of today’s streams

Just received lucio skins!!