Help! Urgent! Low Temp and low FPS/ Overwatch Performance Capped / Limited

Hello my fellow Overwatchers

In the past few days, I’ve been trying to fix a problem with an abnormally low FPS (I have a really potato computer) from my usual 40-50FPS to my now average of roughly 8 FPS

Normally my temp while playing is 90+ but now it hovers around the 60 degrees mark. I’m not sure what I did but it happened around the time I installed Razer Cortex not sure if it has anything to do with it but hey why not just put it in here

Even when I use Furmark or Play CSGO my temp reaches the 90+ mark so I’m pretty confused on why Overwatch is limiting its own Performance

Thing That I’ve tried :
1.Updating Drivers
2. Deleting the Setting in The Overwatch Folder
3. Restoring Defaults on the Nvidia Control Panel
4.Restoring in game settings
5.Tried going into BIOS ( nothing there that has to do with performance)
6.Going to task manager and setting priority to High ( I normally do this anyway when I play)
7.Disabled/Renabled HPET

These are my Specs (Acer Aspire E-14)
Intel Core i3-4030U 1,9GHz
Nvidia GT 710 M ( it says 820m but whenever I update my drivers I have to use this one and it also says so in FurMark)
8 GB of DDR3 RAM
1000 GB HHD
( I only have a C: drive instead of having a C: and a D: drive my friend mentioned it but I haven’t tried it out yet) Pls Halp me I haven’t played Overwatch in like a week T>T

Are you using any Razer devices? Check the known issues thread pinned at the top of this forum.

If not, make sure your card is being used instead of an integrated one. You’ll have to check the control panel for the card and set it for use with Overwatch.

I really wouldn’t recommend letting your CPU get to 90+ C. That’s going to be around the overheating point and prolonged usage around those temperatures can end up damaging the components.

Before we go too far into this, I would recommend cleaning out the computer if you’re comfortable doing so to avoid any further potential problems later down the line.

As it sounds like your just installed some Razer software, it may be related to the issue here. The decrease in performance due to that conflict may result in the lower CPU usage and lower temps in general. I’d recommend giving those steps a try.