Help me to pick dps to play?


Because aardvark pays off.


He’s giving it all he gots.


Oh you mean just practice the snazzy voicelines? :stuck_out_tongue:


Voiceline timing is an art. Do it too much and you get reported. Do it too little and no one hears it.


The best is when you pop ult then use the sit emote and spam “I’m giving it all I’ve got!” and get POTG

On topic: Soldier is pretty easy to pick-up in terms of his kit. He’s your basic FPS dood and he’ll help develop your aim a bit


And overall, Soldier’s kit is super balanced. He’s the epitome of balance. And with this sweet buff coming soon

He’ll be in a pretty solid state.




If you want to survive and kill all the shields, use junkrat.

He is a great counter to the current meta.


I’m sooo looking forward to that. Me and my boi McCree are gonna go camping at Brokeback Mountain when that goes live. Totally normal BTW, nothing weird about 2 straight males going camping and sharing a one person tent…


Real men do that all of the time. Just ask those lumberjacks in Alaska. It’s how they stay warm during the 30-days of night seasons. Then they wake up to hunt Kodiak bears and use their fur as warmth.

Soldier and McCree are just about to engage in manly activities.




You gotta be shirtless and sweaty for maximum manliness too, you can’t have your shirt containing all your manliness. This is exactly why Rein needs a shirtless skin


Maybe I try Soldier 76 and junkrat, tough they maybe seem bit boring, but maybe for a start it seems like a good idea :thinking:


Doomfist, it gonna take awhile to learn him but when you do, you’ll be a unstoppable one punch man.


You just need the chest hair bursting through their low-cut tank tops, and rippling biceps. Maximum manliness achieved.

Don’t even get me started on Reinhardt.


I would love to learn him but I think he is too many “trial and error” games for me. He is one those character I lose my mind because I die all the time :joy: but maybe I should keep trying.



Then again Sombra is ‘too hard’ for most of the general playerbase and most of the time you will get hate if the team loses.

That being said Blizzard is still making changes on the PTR to her so we’ll have to see if she gets better or worse. With the most recent changes it is still a nerf but lesser so.

I prefer live but if she gets a few more adjustments I think she’ll be better (even though the changes were not asked for)


Okay, it’s your choice my man


Pick Tracer and you will have all of the following.

  1. lowest HP in the game.

  2. No one shot mechanics.

  3. Hard to use ultimate that can barely kill anybody.

But she can one clip mercy so she is OPAF.


I don’t know about other dudes but a shirtless giant senile old German man swinging around a deadly weapon is enough to curve me (make me not straight)