HELP I need the contenders Mercy skin but don't know how to get it

There’s barely one day left to get the promotional contenders skins, and I’m freaking out because the contenders website hasn’t provided anything to watch!!!

“Watch 7 hours of live content for a symmetra skin, 15 for a Mercy skin”


I’ve been checking the website on a regular basis, but the only videos they have available to watch are literally months old. How am I supposed to get the Contenders Mercy skin now? Is it even still possible???


Not sure what you mean by this, there has been over 40 hours of broadcasts so far.

You can only watch LIVE streams at The most recent broadcast just finished. There is only one more but only for 8 hours.

You don’t watch existing videos, only the live broadcasts, when a live broadcast is running it will be displayed in the homepage.

Full details in my guide here:

Please note, there is only one more broadcast which will have around 7 to 8 hours of content. So if you have not seen any live content yet, it will be too late to get Mercy.

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I had the same problem. should help you plane for when the game are live good luck hope you have enough time left ( live games show on overwatchleague contenders home page The page changes when live)

Try to subscribe on Youtube channel to receive alerts, also WyomingMyst posted the date and times on another post(I think it’s fixed on general discussion).

Is there a way to see how many hours you have? Do you get the skin as soon as you pass the threshold?

No. There is not.

The general observation is that there is a small delay for most users assuming no streaming problems. Officially per the terms and conditions, it can take up to 48 hours to deliver.

next live stream is 7:00 am NZDT

I also provide alerts on my new Twitter feed at @dropswatch, follow it and turn on mobile notifications to only receive alerts to time-sensative promotions that grant rewards in Overwatch.

Careful now, you are going to confuse the heck out of most Americans here (who really are the ones who complain about specific time zones)…

For North America, the start time will be 11:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time.

To translate the time in your local time zone, head for

Thank you for the help on that one

I tried to link your post, but couldn’t because of the links on there. So I posted the original post.

What happened, OP? You’re late seeing the news or been hibernating? There are already many threads about getting contender skins since 2 weeks ago.

I checked the mobile app version of the site this and watched their livestream, I’m assuming that was the official content? I had that on for nearly all of it’s 8 hours, but the symmetra skin has yet to show up in my game.

Does it take a few hours for the skin to show up?

There is no dedicated app for Overwatch contenders, only the site on, which if you watched that on your mobile web browser that counts. Did you make sure to log into the site with your Blizzard account?

whoops, I meant “internet app.” I watched the livestream on the site you linked, but when I checked my copy of Overwatch afterwards the Symmetra skin still wasn’t there.

Yes, I made sure to log in.

And when you were watching did you see a little green circle next to the dialog showing that you were logged in below the video player?

Please note it is impossible to check this at this time because there is currently no live broadcast.

You dont “NEED” you just want

I’ve watched at least 24 hours and have only received the Symmetra skin. Logged in with the green circle showing too.

It took a couple of days for my Sym skin to show up in-game. It showed up about the same time as my Mercy skin that I didn’t earn until a couple of broadcasts later.

I have officialy wasted 20 hours of watch contenders just for some symm skins which i will mever use :frowning: