Help a good tank out

I’m a great tank stuck in ELO hell, constantly have more dmg than the dmg players, and just need a team that helps the tank.


Heyy im a support main and pls i understand ur pain w low elo, just the other day i was complaining about it. We can play if you want and help each other get out of the hellhole^^

Yo, Im a Kiriko/Lucio Main and i would be down to play

Sneezydwarf is my gamertag I play on switch if that matters, but I believe I could still get to plat easy.

yeah give us an add on discord bruh ImSCOTT#9999

I’m also a hard stuck silver support main. I play on EU servers though

i am a support main, and hard-stuck in bronze too. i was sliver 4

please add my b. net id OnigiriRice#3319,

I mostly play moira, and I will help out my tanks

feel free to add me