Hello where did #reworkmercy movement go


its ok mega…its not meant to be understood…it just is…because the internet…

BUT…based on Jeff’s enthusiasm about it…if we dont get a crab hero in the future…i riot…



why would anyone who feels that way (I do as well, btw) advocate for a rework to any beloved character? (including but not limited to Mercy)


I’ll play something a bit more mild instead


yeah, that didn’t help. thanks for trying, dude…


Not sure how buffs would go for Mercy.
Shes currently preforming extremely well, imo she doesnt need a buff.

Theres a whole explanation i have for what i say, but in short
Valk needs to be nerfed, it provides the game winning value for Mercy
Something needs to be buffed. Id love to see her healing buffed.


Because I personally think 13 nerfs to her rework is not considered a success, as devs have acclaimed.

Theres very few heroes that need reworks since they’re technically fine, and i’m using fine very loosely.

I’d say reworks are needed for heroes who are a bore to play in a game thats supposed to be fun.

But like I said, considering nearly every rework to certain heroes have been more or less disappointing in my eyes, I dont have faith they’ll pull this out of the crapper.


The threads come in waves.

They’ll be back.
They always come back.


She’s fine, we got bigger issues than her at the moment.


But how do you quantify “fun” if it’s so subjective? You can’t rework based on fun because some might think she already is fun. You have to nerf or buff or rework based on statistics that say she’s not doing enough or she’s doing too much. And she’s doing just fine from what I’ve seen.

I mean some people think Hammond and Reinhardt are fun. I don’t. Should they be reworked?


Queue Terminator theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpMg1upld0w


Considering a overwhelmig majority of Mercy healers who have played her before the rework, I believe they have a right to say their character has been gutted beyond belief, all because of kneejerk reactions due to Ana being weaker than her (before the buff).

Overall, her rework is a complete failure considering she cant keep tanks up at all, or any enemy ult for that matter (compared to other support ults in the game.)

Sure some might find the idea of being a flying spectator camera fun, or flying around and shooting people while your team dies.

Imo, she didn’t need a rework in the first place, hence why many others agree with me.

Reinhardt and Hammond need buffs more than anything, especially with the armor buffs. Theres no reason why they need reworks. Mercy, however, has had one, and its a horrible one.


Yeah i feel like her valkyrie is just an ultimate to spectate your teammates she cant do anything if they did hanzo zarya combo or any other strong combos…


sees James Cameron peak around the corner.


Or Sovereign.
Actually no, I don’t want to see that.


What a disgustingly subjective string of arguments.


In my opinion, a good Mercy player does far more than spectate during Valkyrie, and strongly impacts the game when the ult is used fully

There are many videos available by skilled Mercy players that could help you see how to get more value out of Valkyrie


The movement is dead, as it should have always be.

Mercy doesn’t need a rework. She’s fine as it is.


It’s mostly dead. Don’t try to wake it up, please.


Valkyrie isn’t meant to heal through burst damage. Transcendence and Sound Barrier already do that. Neither of those last for fifteen seconds, though, or have more than one function like Valkyrie does. It’s best to pair Mercy with another support who CAN heal through burst damage ults if that’s what the enemy is relying on. That way you get consistency and burst healing potential. Best of both worlds.