Healing received

Can we get a stat for total healing received or healing received prior to death? I just need to see what’s going on when I’m being heavily focused.


Pls, like that the trash support no longer has the excuse of I have gold healing. This doesn’t mean that it isn’t the players fault tho, like positioning mistake

Asked a million times. Changes to those stats/medals are going to come via Overwatch 2 as Blizzard has hinted.

Doubt that would add this a result.


This would probably just encourage more toxic behavior.

Not that some healers don’t need to get off their butts and heal, but that’s not always the reason, and this stat would be way too easy to wield against a Mercy who’s just not getting peelz for her healz.


Mercy mains gets the most healing hate. They really do try :slight_smile:


Only if we’re given stats on how often someone is out of LOS or trying to 1v6, and how often supports are dead without being helped.


I know it could encourage toxicity, but it’s important to know these stats

Where did the hint that?

Not only healing received, but from who.

We need more statistics, at least at end game if not during the match.

Who died, how many, healing done, damage done etc etc.

Every FPS game has statistics, except this one. Makes no sense not to add those.

IMO, get rid of all stats.

You could hide it mid-match but register it in the career profile.

It’s not just for players, it’s for balance insights. Another huge stat is solo vs. grouped playtime. When you’re stacked and hard pocketed most of your career, you’re padded. It’s hard to discuss data (e.g. Overbuff) without that kind of normalization.

Didn’t see that one.
Nice to see they are trying to fix that.

I prefer if they remove all options to see stats during the match itself ans only let you see it after the match and compare it to the rest of the players.