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I still struggle with being a support in competitive. It’s been even worse with the influx of players coming back for the anniversary event… I don’t understand how I’m supposed to stay at my rank or increase my rank as a support based on Blizzard’s ranking system. I almost always do the most healing and even sometimes the most DPS and I STILL get deranked. I went from diamond 2 to gold 2… Does blizzard expect support to carry games??? That’s almost impossible. I’ve even gotten higher damage than dps AND the most healing out of ALL the healers and STILL lost the game. It’s so beyond frustrating. It makes me not want to play Overwatch anymore because of how ridiculously hard it is to rank as a support. Supports can’t carry 1 v 5 games… Also like many have said, how is it that the record is 5-5 and I STILL DERANK??? Please blizzard, look at my stats for all my games and tell me how I’m deranking more and more. I’m so over this ranking system.

Stop caring so much. Do more to win the game rather than have the best stats. If you don’t win, you’ve probably done the wrong thing at the wrong time, more than once.

Winning is more important than being the best healer.

I find support the hardest to carry with despite the avalanche of DPS mains on here who will tell you that support is the carry in OW2. Outside of GM, DPS carries the most. Tank next and support least.

In the long run the DPS and tanks average out. Ultimately, you have to play better than their supports. This means securing more kills and making clutch plays more often than the supports on the other team.

I think it’s hard on all the roles. I play them all. Stats are not everything. I won a game on tank. I had terrible heals and our dps didn’t do well, but I created space and we won more team fights from it. Tank is definitely the most stressful.

There’s very little you can do, especially as support, to dictate the outcome of the game.

  1. Be lucky
  2. Be chosen by the matchmaker
  3. Don’t die so much

That’s about it.

Imo, support is the most impactfull roll in the game currently and also the easiest to carry on.
You can basically deny anything that the enemy team is doing/planning to do while having enough impact to secure teamfights consistently.
I have 3 accounts, all of them are ranked diamond 3 on support and i stay in that rank consistently.
The lowest i have gotten since the start of ow2 is diamond 4 50% better.
Yesterday i finished my card while being diamond 4 50% better with a score of 5-3. I went to diamond 3 60% better.

You can literally deny almost anything the enemy team does or make them get almost no value from their investments with a few cooldowns on supports. If you can’t do it with a cooldown you can do it with a ultimate to swing the fight back into your favour most of the time or via good positioning.

All you gotta do is output the right type of pressure (healing or damage) on the right target at a particular moment.
That pressure gets amplified by good positioning and cooldowns you use.
Also i never look at my stats except for deaths. If my deaths are too high/i feel like i cannot get the impact i want or can have usually, ill swap to a support that i can do that with.

If you’re losing often, even in winnable games, it’s possible you are doing something wrong. I’ve solo queued support (Moira/Mercy) from G4 to D5 this season. Biggest focuses for me: 1. Game sense 2. Tracking cooldowns/ults 3. Stop dying! 4. Play more than one healer, they are situational

The third point, use cover! The enemy shouldn’t be easily able to one shot you from across the map. My rule is that I’ll swap if I die at least twice and will pick a healer that works better for the situation.

I dont agree with any of this.
Tanks cant even play the hero they want let alone carry when the enemy team decided they will counter them. They rely heavily on their own teammate to either heal them at the correct time/in time or the dps to shoot the correct target that would get them otherwise killed.
They can’t play most tanks when their supports play mercy +lucio/zen/illari because there either is not enough utilities or sustainability. So they have to play either hog, ball, junkerqueen sigma or if they are very good at it doomfist and have more teammates who dive with them doomfist.
You know how they get shut down? Either by playing ana and anti/sleep them or sombra or bastion. Then they cannot do anything with the support lineups they have. And thats without factoring in what the other tank is doing/playing, who can just play orisa and then you basically cant play ball, hog or jq and depending on their comp neither can you play sigma or doomfist.
Dps can play 18 diffrent characters that just hard focus a tank and win because that tank rellies on his teammates to shoot the correct target, get healed in time and his teammates not dying because otherwise he loses because he cannot output the same threat level or pressure needed to win that fight.

Supports can setup every single player on their team for succes, keep them alive and negate enemies teams plays they make with a single or multiple abilities.
Like using petal/grip and negating a genji blade because he used dash, or throwing a bio grenade and anti healing 4 people, forcing suzu and or lamp, nanoing a genjiblade or letting your junkerqueen/sigma ult. Throwing a discord on a tank makes them feel like they can’t play the game while supporting your genji/tracer/echo. Meanwhile you can output nearly the same or higher dmg as your dps while shutting down a tank unless that enemy tanks dps dive/pressure said zen.
Suzu negates jq ult and any bleeds/self sustain, rein shatter/pin, hog hook, sigma rock/flux, orisa javelin/ult, ball ult/slam, everything about doomfist, dva bomb etc.

Dps can get shut down by supports aswell by negating the same stuff/surviving long enough that the enemy tank dies or they kill the enemy supports. Dps can lose duels or effectiveness very fast because they have certain things where they have a power play like soldier helix rocket that when they miss it they can lose the duel.

I’m dubious that’s actually a thing. I imagine if (if) anyone is “coming back for the anniversary event” they’re off playing the anniversary gamemodes. It’s not like OW1 where comp’s higher XP rate meant more lootboxes meant more people showing up during events.

Since this keeps coming up, let me explain…

Your raw numbers don’t matter. “I have highest healing!” is literally just “I have gold medals!” from OW1. The calculations of the game don’t really care much about your numerical output. Any putz can get highest numbers - in fact every game has at least one putz achieving that no matter what.

What you need to think about is, what are you doing with that healing, how impactful is it. Think less about “Make Big Number Go Up” and think more about clutch heals, keeping a teammate alive when it matters, instead of just constantly “topping off” incidental damage. If you play like a healthpack you will be rated like a healthpack

But, this ties into a larger point; you are a support. Not a “healer.” This isn’t World of Warcraft, you are not a holy priest, your job is not to spam yellow numbers to counter red numbers. That’s something you can do, and you should use that part of your kit… but you also need to be using the other parts of it too. Every support hero has a suite of abilities, and the key to success is using all of them to their fullest.

Depends on your definition of “carry.” Are you supposed to 1v5 every team fight? Of course not. But you ARE supposed to be contributing your utmost, and if all your’e doing as support is spamming heals, you’re playing lazy and not adding as much to the team fight as you think - that style of play is basically demanding your team carry you.

Because the game still uses the old SR system, they just hide it under the “win cards” UI.