"Heal me" spam is still a problem

I find myself enjoying heals. Except when i get constantly spammed by 3 people a game demanding heals when i already have a 90% uptime on healing. I understand that it is to relay information. I understand to ignore it. I am suggesting there is a “Protect me” quick button and a “Need help” quick button alongside the “heal me”. I don’t understand why healers are targetted for spam shame. It puts everyone on the team comp on edge. Either balance it by adding other quick links or remove it as the information it provides is very little and the room for toxicity is huge.

Edit: Seems like a lot of people are snapshotting what the issue is and are trying to derail it by any means necessary. This has nothing to do with my performance or the performance of others. This has nothing to do with why i am not climbing the ladder. This has nothing to do with sensitivity to an issue. TL;DR The discussion: is the “heal me” SPAM beneficial to the game as whole.

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If your team is spamming “I need healing” it might mean you aren’t healing them.

All of the supports (I think except Brigitte and Ana?) have lines that indicate they’re under attack that play automatically.

You could also always, you know, talk.


Maybe you should swap off your 3% accuracy Ana, and pick something with more consistent healing then.


Yeah don’t be dumb. Because by the argument you just posited it could just as easily mean they’re cancer.

I don’t really mind this that much. The only times it really annoys me is when I have a Widow spamming ‘I need healing’ when A) They don’t and are wasting my time or B) They are in a place I can’t heal them and won’t move.

But when I am playing another role, I only spam ‘I need healing’ if I am literally infront of the healer and they still don’t see me.

I love when they spam “Need Healing” when they lost 0.5% of their health.

It’s also hilarious when they do it after death. At that point I’m like “Yeah, you do need healing, but we don’t have a Mercy to rez you so… it sucks to be you.”


Or maybe instead of blaming your team and just saying they’re toxic you could take a good hard look at yourself and wonder why it happens to you.

People don’t spam “I need healing” to good supports.


Prove i have a 3% accuracy ana. I usually play zen/lucio/mercy so yeah, not an argument.

You’re an Ana, complaining about people spamming “i need healing”.

that makes you a poor healer, and maybe switching to a Mercy or Lucio would be better for your team.

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You don’t know that i’m an Ana.

Eh, as a healer main it doesn’t bother me much unless someone is spamming it while consistently out of position. Like, if you want heals, don’t be on the other side of the map along some flank route.

The best, though, are the guys who spam “I need healing!” and then dance back and forth around the far side of an obstacle in perfect tandem with you so that you never get line of sight before they’re dead. I don’t feel the slightest guilt at their death, either. :rofl:


Not blaming the team. I love this teenage arguments. How you’re responding is not what i’m saying at all.

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You’re right, you have a private profile so there isn’t much any of us can do.

Those 3 people a game aren’t getting healed. They do not have 90% heal uptime, because if they did they wouldn’t be spamming “I need healing”.


You’d be surprised at the Ana’s that think they’re Gale or ML7 because of her little buff.


I am saying that the source of “i need healing” isn’t productive enough to warrant it’s existence. You guys are trying to be “right” about something else entirely irrelevant.


Sorry where is everyone getting this ‘3% accuracy thing’ from. Because as far as I am aware he/she is not an Ana main, and does not have 3% accuracy on her.


I actually prefer when they use it because it tells me exactly where they are. Idk why people ever want to complain about it

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I agree with you. But it is irrelevant to what i’m saying, and trying to tear me down based on stats is further irrelevant. “i need healing” spam i see in games constantly even when i’m not the healer and the healer is doing fantastic. I see triggered healers all the time. There is no benefit to the “i need healing” spam compared to it’s negativity.

There’s literally no reason to post this. Because the people who are arguing against you are the ones who instalocked hanzo or genji going balls deep whining to you that you didn’t heal them. I get it, I main mercy and if someone picks Mercy I switch to lucio. The Issue is, people don’t get it unless they heal consistently.

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